Senior Week #2: Favorite Thing about High School

Senior Week #2: Favorite Thing about High School

Becca Garner, SPEAR Contibutor

High school to many is a whole new experience. Freshman year to senior year fells like a whole lot. High school is a whole new stage for many to find out who they are. There are so many new things that high school has to offer. There is off campus, higher level of sports, new friends, off hours, and theater.

“My favorite thing about high school would be the friends,” Allison Broussely, Senior.

“My favorite part about high school is how the warrior community is always supporting its own,” Steven Goldy, Senior.

There is a long list about people’s favorites about high school. High school can be roller coaster but at the end of the day, high school will end and everyone will have there favorite things.