Is Arapahoe Taking Sophomores Parking Too Far?


Ben Brandse, Connor Desch, and Reid Conant

In an email sent to the student’s at Arapahoe on a March 2nd, problems with people parking without a pass was addressed. Many sophomores park on South Franklin St since sophomores cannot be sold a parking pass. There are 660 spots for the junior and senior classes. Arapahoe accounted for the students being absent and leaving school on an off hour so 775 passes were sold to have the lot filled at all times having no parking left for those without a pass.

With so many sophomores and other students being able to drive and not having a pass South Franklin St is full of cars during a school day. Since these extra cars are overflowing the street, these students are either parking in the lot or in businesses parking lots. The original punishments for people parking in the school’s lot was a ticket for $10. Some of these students would pay the ticket but because the school does not know who these students are so other students refuse to pay. With some students with fines piling up over $100s without an idea to pay. The school decided to take a dramatic step of booting cars of people without a pass that has over three unpaid tickets. Arapahoe escalated quickly with the punishment and it seems a little excessive.

With the booting system just being put in place it has not been able shown to be too successful. With a boot being placed on a few cars everyday it could stop these sophomores and other students from parking in school’s lots.