Tips & Tricks for AP Calculus AB


Allie Highsmith , Herald Reporter

After taking regular trigonometry and pre-calc Sophomore year, I had many options for what to take for math my junior year.  I chose AP Calc AB, because I figured I should take some calculus before leaving high school.  Now that I am a couple weeks into the class, I find that it is quite a challenge.  I have never been particularly good at math.  My freshmen year, I went in for math two out of my three off hours every single week.  Thankfully, this year has not been quite that challenging.  Mr. Eggleston, the only teacher for AP Calc AB, is an awesome teacher and a fantastic guy overall.  As I struggle to understand limits, something I should have learned in Pre-Calc (oops), I find myself being challenged in a way that I almost enjoy.  However, the same cannot be said for everyone.  To that end, here are my certified tips and tricks!

  1. Pay attention in class, unless you want to cry yourself to sleep every night.  
  2. Find an authorized Smart Friend to text when you are having a mental breakdown  (chances are that they are too).
  3. Ask for help if you have questions.  It is so much better than struggling throughout the whole unit.
  4. Do all the homework and check the answers in the back of the book.  Duh.  
  5. Before every test, go through all the homework and do each type of problem for a thorough review.  
  6. Stay chill and you will survive.  At least it is not business tech, am I right?