45 Underrated Moments that Make Life Better


Photo taken by Abby Caster

Abby Caster, Author

Sometimes it is the little things in life that are the best. Some moments are apparently exciting and they make you want to scream out of your bedroom window for the whole world to hear. But other moments are not as obviously as exciting as when you land the lead role in the school play or when you fall in love for the first time. Some moments go under the radar but still manage to make life better. Here are some of those moments.

  1. Stepping into freshly fallen snow.
  2. Taking pictures out of a plane window
  3. Sitting around a campfire and watching the flames
  4. Cancelling plans when you didn’t want to go in the first place
  5. When you are cutting something and the scissors start to glide
  6. Biting into a grape and snapping the skin
  7. Building a fort
  8. Nighttime drives with the windows down and the music blaring
  9. Cracking your knuckles
  10. When you peel off nail polish
  11. Laying in bed on a stormy morning and realizing that you do not have to get up
  12. When your Instagram likes change from names to numbers
  13. When the movie ends and the theater is still silent
  14. Taking a deep breath in cold, fall air
  15. The brief silence when you drive under a bridge in heavy rain
  16. Taking excessively long showers
  17. When the whole crowd sings together at a concert
  18. When your friend’s dog likes you best
  19. Putting on clothes right after they got out of the dryer
  20. Getting a birthday card or a package in the mail
  21. Making the perfect grilled cheese
  22. When you flip over your pillow to the cold side
  23. The moment you finally step out of your comfort zone
  24. Driving on an open road
  25. Cuddling with someone you love
  26. Opening a new book for the first time
  27. Finishing a book
  28. When your phone is at 100%
  29. Taking your shoes off after school
  30. When someone else plays with your hair
  31. Finding a new song that you really love
  32. Peeling off protective sheets of plastic off new electronics
  33. Listening to the rain
  34. When you take a good picture
  35. A first kiss
  36. Winning a bet
  37. Finding a quote that accurately expresses how you feel
  38. When you find something you thought you had lost
  39. When you are sitting at a restaurant eating dinner -Jack Seavall, 9
  40. Making someone laugh -Olivia Maloney, 11
  41. Sleeping in your own bed after a vacation -Ella Chism, 9
  42. Seeing your food being brought to the table -Kasandra Swearingen, 10
  43. A good hug -Dani Speelman, 9
  44. Finding shoes that fit perfectly -Melica Pourarfaie, 9
  45. When your hair has no tangles -Caroline Clark, 10
  46. When in the car with your best friend and “your song” comes on -Abby DeGroot, 12