Fear of Feces

Anna McCollister, Reporter

It is a known fact that most people do not enjoy having human feces poured on them. But how much is one willing to pay in order to ensure that this event never happens to them?  $1? $1 million? $6 million? A surprise attack of feces is exactly what could have happened if the school had not been renovated this summer. When removing and installing the new cables for the Wi-Fi, announcements, and security, the construction workers ran across “55 year old pipes” holding raw sewage. Apparently, the pipes over the cage area were ready to burst at any moment. The cage is located just to the right of the west entrance and is visited infrequently.

Insider’s view of “The Cage”


The dimly lit room contains an abundance of equipment that is held for the various sports teams at Arapahoe. It would have been extremely unfortunate if all the equipment was ruined because of a burst pipe, and would be even worse if one of the teams was grabbing their stuff just as one of the pipes burst. Luckily, along with the many technical installments that took place, these 55 year old pipes were also replaced, and thus the fear of feces can be dismissed, for now at least.