How I ended up in India

My desire to help others brought me to Kolkata, India on a two week medical mission trip.


Ashton Phelps, Reporter

india2Why would a 17 year old who lives comfortably in suburban Highlands Ranch want to travel across the globe to a third world country with 15 adults? I was given the most amazing opportunity to travel to India on a 2 week medical mission trip in October 2016. My Junior year, I decided to start fundraising for this trip. Throughout my high school career, I have developed a huge passion for missions work and helping others in need. Missions work is something that I definitely want to continue in my future and I am so grateful for the chances I get to serve others.

During this two week trip, a team of doctors, nurses, dentists, physical therapists, and people like myself set up medical clinics for the people that live in the slums of Kolkata. Our Medical Team served people with a variety of tropical diseases, broken bones, infected sores and other standard clinic work. We provided medical care that these people never have access to or could even afford. Through advanced publicity and by word-of-mouth, thousands of people waited everyday for treatment.  


After the first day in the slums I began to realize that these people had no hope and nothing to look forward to, no future. It was really sad to see the conditions they have to live in daily, and very eye opening to come back to America where we have everything. india3My past mission trips including this one to India has helped me form a philosophy I like to live by; to spread love and kindness to everyone I come into contact with. I’m excited to be able to share with you my trip experiences and the lessons I learned.

Serving others is something I think everyone should experience in their life. Even though I am giving to others, I genuinely feel like I am the one receiving an amazing gift by shining a light on these people in need. The gratefulness of the people who are receiving your love is definitely worth traveling across the world for.