HighSchool Horoscopes: The Signs in Fall

HighSchool Horoscopes: The Signs in Fall

Olivia Janicek and YiRu Hess

Horoscopes are known for supposedly telling the future and sometimes, revealing parts of yourself. It’s officially fall; with colorful leaves painting the sidewalk and a chilly breeze wafting in the air. Check out below to see which part of fall you are and see if you end up saying, “That’s so true!” Enjoy and happy horoscope!

Aries- Jack O Lantern- Playful and sometimes a little goofy, you always light up the night. You’re awesome at being true to yourself and being the most unique pumpkin on the block.

Taurus-Infinity scarves- You are the fashionista. Having good taste and so down to earth, you walk in style, and you know you look good.

Gemini- Pumpkin Pie- You’re the OG. Independent and strong, you can be the accompaniment to a large meal or merely a singular treat. Most of all, you never let anyone hold you down to one thing, you’re everywhere in the supermarket during fall. Everyone loves you and you never fail to fall out of our hearts.

Cancer- HayRide- everyone enjoys your presence. You bring up warm feelings of fall and offer many fond memories for families and kids all over the country. Loving and caring, you never fail to offer up a fun, old timey time.

Leo- Corn Maze- No matter who meets you, you always bring joy and laughter to them. While some people can get a little mislead by you, you never fail loyalty in the end.

Virgo- Starbucks- You love to please people, but you do it with your own type of creative flare. People adore you, and you’ve certainly reached the #1 slot in the coffee community. If people haven’t discovered you yet, they certainly will in the near future.

Libra- Costume Picking- Which one, which one…you’re always indecisive when it comes to decisions; especially when there is a variety of choices offered. In the end, you steal the show.

Scorpio- Cinnamon- You like to spice up life! People never fail to notice you and you’re extremely passionate about fall. Whenever people hear your name, they can’t help but smile.

Sagittarius-Bonfire- Like a flash of flame, you are optimistic and extroverted. You are a free spirit who speaks only the truth. Many people turn to you for advice and final decisions because of your philosophical comments.

Capricorn- Boots- You’re committed to reaching the top and staying there. You want to be on everyone’s feet and at the top of everyone’s fall wishlists for every year to come. However, you are uber loyal and promise to compliment every outfit during the year.

Aquarius- Pumpkin Spice Latte- You are the person who does the trendiest things. People look up to you as a successful individual.

Pisces- Comfy Sweaters- Who doesn’t like you Pisces? You’re kind, warm, and sweet. When you’re friends are hurting, you’re always there to help them and give them extra comfort.