Cost of Living in Colorado


Kendra Sullivan, Herald Reporter

It’s no secret that Colorado is expanding rapidly. Apartment complexes are going up every other street and traffic seems to last longer every day. The theory is that this rapid increase of people moving to Colorado started around when marijuana was legalized. This doesn’t really affect freshman or sophomores right now but this will be a problem in a couple years for those looking to leave their parents’ house. In-state tuition is a great way to cut down on some debt but juniors and seniors need to factor in the cost of living before deciding on a college. On a list from, Denver is ranked the 15th out of 70 most expensive city to live in North America.

Some might think that this only factors in housing but there is a lot more required to keep even the most basic of humans alive. The average cost for a simple lunchtime meal in the business district is almost $14, the exact same price for the same thing in Los Angeles. A 900 square foot apartment in a normal area, which means not too expensive like downtown, costs about $1,468, while New York City it’s almost double that in a similar area.

Clothes have not reached levels of NYC or LA, but they’re still not cheap. A pair of Levi’s jeans is about $49. Gas prices have been jumping around the past few years but the most recent record has the price at about $0.56. Colorado hasn’t gotten to the point that no one wants to live here because it’s too expensive but it seems like everyone wants to move to Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder.

Colorado is growing, and Denver is getting bigger every day. Prices are increasing and land is getting filled; t66AA^ C can be seen as both a good thing and a bad thing. For those whose families have lived in Colorado for seven generations, this may be annoying. Although it’s not surprising, almost everyone can agree that this beautiful state has a lot to offer, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, and so much more. So no matter what people are interested in, Colorado probably has something for everyone. So if the increase of people moving to Colorado seems annoying, at least it’s a compliment to how amazing this state is.


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