Christmas Decorations in Early November?!


Anna McCollister, Journalist

Christmas decorations usually bring for a nice warm, homey feel. However, putting out decorations before Halloween seems a bit excessive, right? Or does it? Apparently, there is a method to this madness. According to Bob Phibbs, the retail “Doctor” who gives advice to businesses, it is in retailer’s best interest to begin advertising Christmas decorations before Halloween. There are several reasons and almost all of them have to deal with shoppers.

  1.     Many customers have a “mental budget,” or an amount of money they plan to spend for each person for the holidays. So if they end up buying gifts or decorations for their special someone sooner rather than later, then they are less likely to spend money when Christmas is actually here. This prospect causes many stores to put out their decorations early, to ensure that they have the products people want before people even know that they want them. In this way it is subconsciously targeting the buyers.
  2.     People like to compare the prices of items from different stores before they decide what store would be the best to buy from. If the store doesn’t even have their product out, how could they even be in the running? So it is crucial for stores to have holiday items out as soon as other stores put them out, even if that is before Halloween.
  3.     Sometimes parents get to stores right around Christmas, only to find that the product they wanted to buy is gone! Next year they are unlikely to make this mistake again, and usually decide to buy their products earlier the next year. Therefore, stores must have their holiday products (and sometimes even their holiday discounts) out as soon as possible in order to not only please the customer, but also to ensure that the customer continues to come to their store in the future.
  4.     When shoppers see something they like at a store, they make a mental note of it. Then, during the holiday season they know exactly where they can find it. So it’s important that stores have their holiday products out to insure that shoppers at least have a chance to make a mental note of the products they see.

Although holiday decorations in early November seem unnecessary, there is a reason behind the absurdity of the decorations, however annoying they may be.