SENIORS: How to make the best of your last semester of high school


Jillian Johnson, Spear Contributor

Since elementary school, we have long awaited the year 2017 and it’s here. Before we can blink, we will be sitting at LPS Stadium in our caps and gowns ready to graduate. Soon we will go our separate ways and our everyday lives will change, so we must cherish the time we have left here at Arapahoe. Let’s make the best of it.

It’s so crazy to think that we will soon be leaving this place where we’ve spent four whole years of our lives

— Cece Duhamel

Go to sporting events: Embrace your last chances to cheer on your Warriors from the student section by attending as many sporting events as you can. Get loud, get crazy, and enjoy this opportunity to show school spirit and cheer on your peers. Before long, we will have new teams to cheer for, so support Arapahoe at every chance you get.

Stay motivated with your school work: As hard as it is to be a second semester senior, try your best to stay focused on your grades and finish out high school on a strong note. Colleges will still look at your second semester grades and it’s important to try your best to keep learning as long you’re here. Maintain strong study habits, get your homework done, and be attentive in class and you’ll be good to go.

Enjoy your high school friends: Many of us have made strong relationships with the people here at Arapahoe and soon we will be off at different schools. Take up every opportunity you can to spend time with your friends and make the most of the time you have left together. Whether you go out to dinner, or just stay home and watch movies, cherish the friendships you have here. Put all grudges aside and end this year on good terms with everybody.

Explore your state: So many of us have lived here our whole life and there are still so many different destinations we haven’t explored yet. Visit the mountains, try new restaurants, go on hikes, dig into our state’s culture, and explore everything Colorado has to offer, especially for those who are leaving the state soon. Take pride in the beautiful and abundant scenery located in our state and don’t pass up a chance to explore.

Thank your teachers: The one on one relationships we have been able to form with our teachers is truly valued and something so unique to high school. Take the time to thank and appreciate your teachers who have put so much time and effort in to making sure you know the content and helping you whenever you need it. Class sizes increase in college and your relationships will be different, so take advantage of the accessibility to your teachers and thank them for all they do.

Time flies and for so many seniors, freshman year feels like yesterday. As we enter our last semester, let’s open our minds, participate in school events, and cherish the time we have left here at Arapahoe. Go Seniors!