Underground Artists: Little Green Cars

Underground Artists: Little Green Cars

Collette LeManske

Little Green Cars is an indie rock band that comes from Ireland. As high school students, they began making music in 2008 and released two EP’s themselves before they released their first single “The John Wayne” in 2012 with the record label Glassnote. Since then, they’ve released two albums: Absolute Zero in 2012 and Ephemera in 2016. Both albums hit the Irish Albums Chart for popular albums, but their popularity has not yet hit the U.S.

Stevie Appleby is their lead singer and secondary guitarist, and with Faye O’Rourke singing backup, their different voices mix together to create a folksy sound, without it being country. With strong, very symbol-based percussion and hints of electric and acoustic guitar, the song has an interesting instrumental. Strong percussion and simple electric guitar add to the feel of the song.

I would recommend this band to people who are interested in more relaxed music with odd messages.

(Photo Creds: twitter.com/littlegreencars)