Meet Jordon: Our Sponsored Child for Warrior-Wish Week


Lauren David, Journalist

Meet Jordon, a charismatic 11-year-old who loves chocolate cake, soccer, eating at Jimmy Johns, and above all: Harry Potter. He also had to battle through a rare life-threatening medical condition known as Medulloblastoma. Medulloblastoma is a fast growing and cancerous brain tumor. Make-A-Wish Colorado was introduced to Jordon during his treatment. In December of 2015, Jordon was suffering with severe headaches, nausea, and vomiting; all of which are symptoms of this illness.
After some blood work and a CT scan, it was discovered that he had a 3-4 centimeter mass located between his brain stem and the cerebellum, a function in the brain that coordinates and regulates muscular activity. In order to remove the tumor, Jordon underwent surgery that same month, followed by several rounds of chemotherapy. Jordon finished his last chemotherapy treatment just a few weeks ago and is excited to see his wish come true, which is to visit Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.
Arapahoe High School is dedicating this year’s Warrior Wish Week to raise money for Make-A-Wish® Colorado on behalf of Jordon’s wish. All money raised will go towards granting wishes for kids like Jordon who are battling life-threatening medical conditions.

About Make-A-Wish® Colorado:
Make-A-Wish® Colorado began in 1983, after seven-year-old Jennifer passed away from a liver disease. She did not have a formal wish but had always wanted to meet the KIMN chicken (a local radio mascot). Once told of her illness, the KIMN Chicken came to visit her. Jennifer’s smile that day is remembered every time Make-A-Wish® Colorado grants a wish. They have granted more than 4,700 wishes in the past 33 years.

Source: Lauren Beede, Associate Director of Philanthropy, Make-A-Wish® Colorado


About Jordon:

Favorite Book Series:
Harry Potter
Favorite Game:
Leaps and Ledges
Favorite Food:
Chicken Cordon Blue
Favorite Cake:
Favorite class in school:
Favorite Hobby:
Favorite Movie:
Little Rascals
Favorite TV Shows:
Alaska State Troopers and Treehouse Masters
Favorite Athlete:
Christian Reynolds

Why do you want to go to Harry Potter World?
I love reading Harry Potter books.
What are some of your favorite activities?
Playing soccer, using my iPad, playing with my dog and spending the summer in Michigan with my grandparents.
What school do you go to?
Shaffer Elementary School
What is your favorite color?
Black or neon green
Who are you inspired by and why?
My parents because they always encourage me to go farther.