Hill Goes to Brest

Hill Goes to Brest

Courtney Brown, Journalist

Katie Hill, a freshman, has been studying french for five years and is currently enrolled in French III at Arapahoe. Before Arapahoe, Hill took french at her middle school, St. Annes.


Through her current French class, Hill heard of a program where you could apply to be a student ambassador at Denver’s Sister school in Brest, France. With five years of experience as a freshman, Hill stood out from the other applicants, and she was chosen to serve as a Denver representative.


This program was made possible by Denver Sister Cities International, an organization that believes in bettering the world through cultural exchange, and proudly states their motto “Peace Through People”.


While filling out the application for Denver Sister Cities International,  Hill noticed that it was similar to a job application. In it, Hill explained some basic information about herself and why she thinks that she should be chosen as a citizen diplomat.


In Brest, Hill will be staying with a French family that has two 16-year olds, one six year old, and a 21 year old, all in a lovely home on a horse farm. Hill is most excited for the field trips that she will take from her school in France, (also named St. Annes) specifically a trip to a historic lighthouse.


Brest is full of History, as it was an important location in Northern France where the French Navy was based and used in Allied Invasions in WWII and a very old town.


Hill is prepared to use her research on Brest’s location and its culture as well as her years of experience to say the most important word of the day “Bonjour!”.