AI Makes you Popular!


Cody Eppich, Dacotah Downs, Journalist, Video Editor

Get more followers!! That’s the goal, right? But how do we do it? We have placed a huge burden on ourselves and some have created their self-worth based on the number of followers we have. So, guess what, there’s a program for that! Take Instagram for example. You can pay for a program that creates hundreds and thousands of fake accounts that follow your page to make it SEEM like you have tons of followers. Thus putting your photos on trending and boom, now you can get real followers. Now here’s the downfall, there is no revenue from these followers, where usually they would pay you on views or likes. With these times of fake media, it’s getting hard to identify whats real or whats CNN.

The outcome for such things can make you money but it takes your credibility and shows your willing to cheat. People are willing to do anything for fame even if it’s bad. The idea of the followers is something that won’t make you money and what happens when you have fake followers but no one really follows.  I think this system is absurd because it shows that you don’t need to put in actual work. But to each their own. The whole idea of this system has started here but what happens when it is influenced by more than just social media?

So be careful, in the 21st century, it can be hard to tell what is real and what’s fake. Watch your back and know what you’re looking out there. Good luck to you all.