Donald Trump And Syria


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Nathan Holmes, Author

Prologue: Soon after Donald Trump became the President, he proposed a travel ban, that restricted immigration, including refugees. It experienced a lot of haters, and was eventually shut down by the 9th Circuit. He is currently working on a new version of the previous ban.

Recently, a chemical weapons attack in Syria occurred. The death count has not been confirmed, but it is most likely above 100. Many people believe that extremist groups were apart of this, but that is unlikely. The gas used was sarin. This is very difficult to obtain. If it was chlorine gas this would be very plausible. Because of this the White House has accused the Syrian government, who have been in a civil war for 6 years now. President Trump later responded by bombing a military base in Syria. Most people were happy about the move, but many, including congressmen, wanted the President to approach Congress first.

This video is an interview from CNN’s Brooke Baldwin with a Syrian that survived the chemical weapons attack. The 2 minute 45 second mark is what I want to focus on. Baldwin, obviously not a Trump supporter, uses the refugee ban to counter the military action Trump took in Syria. She uses a quote from former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, again  showing her disapproval of Trump. His response clearly shocks her. Just watch.

Refugees want to stay in their country

— Nathan Holmes

When he mentions 2013, he means another sarin attack on civilians. The death count was over 1500. President Obama gave the famous “red-line” speech (chemical weapons are crossing the line), but did not act on his words. This was mostly overlooked, as he had many other things to do at the time. He mentions around the 4:19 mark that refugees want to stay in their country. Their first choice is not to come to America. Yes, Trump’s ban does not help them, but his action is. If he continues this action, refugees won’t have to come to the United States.

Just remember, don’t attack the policies based on the person, attack the policy because of the policy.