Solution to Your Prom Dilemma

Solution to Your Prom Dilemma

Clayton Cain and David Debonis

Are you struggling to find a date for prom? Do you feel like no one at the school appreciates whom you are? Are all of the guys that you talk to ding dongs? Well we have a solution for you, SUPER DATES!! SUPER DATES are a dynamic duo of best friends, that guarantee a hilarious night of unforgettable dancing and fun. As prom fast approaches, many live in the constant fear of some lameo asking you to prom, or maybe not being asked at all because everyone is a lameo. But you can squander those instantly with a prom with SUPER DATES.


SUPER DATES are equipped with:

  1. Easily relatable personalities
  2. Unlimited jokes and entertainment
  3. Legendary dancing ability
  4. Chef-like cooking capabilities
  5. An irrational conglomeration of knowledge/information spanning across almost all genres

6.Great taste in music

  1. Ability to drive automatic and Manual cars
  2. Cars (manual and automatic)
  3. Broad shoulders equipt for moving
  4. 5’11” minimum height
  5. Abilities to fend off attackers with no regard for personal harm
  6. Spanish language understanding, written and spoken (Se habla espanol)
  7. No tattoos or piercings
  8. Top 12 all time in Elvis karaoke
  9. Extensive knowledge of Vegas style gambling games (for after prom)
  10. Jobs (employable and have money)
  11. US Citizenship
  12. At minimum 3.25 GPA
  13. Clean criminal record
  14. Clean Driving record
  15. Experts in eye contact and genuine conversation


SUPER DATES are only available while supplies last (there are only two)! Super dates are available in packs of two. Do not miss this opportunity to get your very own SUPER DATES. If you and one other person are interested in the best prom of your entire life, contact the SUPERDATE CO at: