Q and Boo’s Broncos First Round Pick Predictions


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NEW YORK – APRIL 28: NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell speaks during the 2007 NFL Draft on April 28, 2007 at Radio City Music Hall in New York, New York. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Reid Conant and Quinn Trask

The Denver Broncos have the 20th pick in the first round this season and have a lot of options. Here are some of the guys we think John Elway should draft.

Christian McCaffrey- RB Stanford

R- I really hope that McCaffrey is there when the Broncos is picking but at this moment it doesn’t look like he will be. He will have an immediate impact on whatever team picks him. He could provide a much needed play making ability for the Broncos in the return game as well as being a 3rd down back and a possible slot receiver. Don’t be surprised to see the Broncos move up to draft the hometown kid.


Q- Run CMC has been all over the board on mock drafts ever since he declared for the draft. Some have him in the top 10, other have him falling to the second round. I think the Broncos would be extremely lucky to snag him at 20. I think McCaffrey is one of the most talented players in the draft. He is undersized but that didn’t slow him down in 2015 when he broke Barry Sanders’ record of 3,250 all-purpose yards.

Cam Robinson- OT Alabama

R- I originally was very intrigued by Robinson, I mean he is a monster. Over the last few weeks I have heard some really concerning things about Robinson’s quickness and his tendency to lunge. I heard former Colts and Bills GM Bill Polian say yesterday, “He is a lunger and in the NFL lungers don’t typically do well against the top pass rushers” and coming from a guy who has earned his respect around the league that scares me. I hope Elway really truly believes in Robinson if he does indeed draft him because there has been a lot of negative feedback lately from the left tackle from Alabama.


Q- Robinson is a specimen who has insane size on the left side. Alabama is practically a NFL farm team and Cam has turned a lot of heads this offseason. But as Reid said, Robinson lunges which will lead to him getting beat off the edge. The Broncos need offensive line help, but Robinson is not the best option at 20.

Ryan Ramczyk- OT Wisconsin

R- I’m very intrigued with the tackle from Wisconsin. The reason I like Ramczyk is because in the past Wisconsin has produced some very good tackles including recently retired Pro Bowler Joe Thomas. The only question for Ramczyk is that he has been a RT in college and the Broncos need a LT so they would have to convert someone to protect the blind side.


Q- Ramczyk would probably be a “project” player for the Broncos and wouldn’t see the starting lineup until late in the season, if that. He is an extremely talented right tackle but the switch to the left side has proved to be fatal for many young tackles’ careers.

OJ Howard- TE Alabama

R- If OJ Howard is there when the Broncos pick they better take him. He is the next great tight end, not to mention that the Broncos have needed a tight end ever since Julius Thomas left for Jacksonville.


Q- The Broncos haven’t had great tight end production since Julius Thomas. I believe they have given up on Jeff Heuerman and they now need a young talented tight end. Howard is a future Pro Bowler and if the Broncos want a stud at tight end, Howard is hands down the guy.

Reuben Foster- MLB Alabama

R- He is one of the best players in this draft and the Broncos would be so lucky if he fell all the way to 20. People are concerned with his shoulder and the fact that he produced a diluted urine sample. He might have some character issues but the Broncos did draft Shane Ray in the first round and that worked out I’d say. Reuben Foster would cure up the middle of the defense and help the Broncos run defense as soon as next season.


Q- Shane Ray round two?? Foster is the best linebacker in the draft but he has off the field issues. So did Shane Ray and see how that worked out when he fell to us? Foster plays hungry and is one of the hardest hitting backers in the NCAA. He fills gaps and is a brute on special teams which is a tribute to his speed. Foster would likely be the starting middle linebacker for the Broncos if they scooped him at 20.

Garrett Bolles- OT Utah

R- The Broncos need an offensive tackle and Bolles has been mentioned the most out of all the tackles in the first round. He has had a wild ride, he has a lot of potential but I think he would take a year or two to figure things out in the NFL. I don’t think he would be able to start at LT for the Broncos in the first game of the season. I would not like it if they drafted Bolles. But at the end of the day I trust Elway, I think Elway will go away from drafting an offensive tackle in the first round because the talent is simply not there.


Q- If the Broncos are going to take a tackle, it will be Bolles. He’s the safest bet of the three potential OL candidates (Bolles, Robinson, Ramczyk). He will have his struggles at first, but in the end, if the Broncos want a long term solution at left tackle in the first round, Garrett Bolles out of Utah is the guy.