Disruptor (Seeker Book 3) Review

Disruptor (Seeker Book 3) Review

Taylor Jaeger, Spear Reporter

Disruptor (Book 3) by Arwen Elys Dayton

Page count 384

Genre: Fantasy, YA

“ But Quin will no longer be a pawn. Quin is a Seeker. She stands for light in a shadowy world. She will face the vengeance of the past and its enemies and save herself and the ones she loves, or she will die trying.”- Author Summary

Quin now has to face a plot that been in the making for centuries and she is all alone when facing it. Her companion, Shinobu, got his mind corrupted. The only figure of authority of the seekers is aligned with her enemy, John. Bloodthirsty people named Watchers are being awakened and gathered. The only thing that Quin has left on her side is time.

The final book. This book was amazing for me. I loved it more than the first and second books. This was an amazing conclusion to the series and I am happy to have read it.

The plot of this story was the best in the three books. The story picked of also immediately after the other on ended, which I believe is an amazing choice for this book. The plot has three to six different narrators. Most of the story is told my Quin, as it is her story, but some of it was told by Shinobu, John, Catherine, Maud, and a new character I will mention later. It had some minor views from one of the watchers but that wasn’t really often. I Think that the way this story goes and how is starts were the best in the series.  I enjoyed the conclusion even though it made me a bit angry. I enjoyed Catherine’s views because it really filled in basically all of the blanks in the story. I liked that it brought back characters to that they could have a sort of conclusion for them all.

Now for the characters. I still love Quin, I now love John and Maud, but I still hate Shinobu. He didn’t really get better in this story, after the end of the last book I don’t think that anything in he did in this story was really redeeming for him. But in this book, the introduced a new character, who I have to say is my favorite. His name was Dex, he is the one who saved Quin from the ending of the last book that Shinobu placed her in. His character wasn’t 100% correct in the head but he was never violent. Throughout the story all the characters are separated, Quin is with Dex, Shinobu is with the watchers, and John is with Maud. I really like how Quin developed with Dex and I honestly thought they would end up together in the end, but they didn’t, Quin went back to Shinobu, even though I really think that she shouldn’t have considering he abandoned her. John and Maud were really fun to read. They were mostly just training and working to make John a seeker but the way they developed was amazing to me. I like reading their parts. Now, I also sort of enjoyed Shinobu’s parts, I am very biased towards him though because of my distaste for him. His parts were pretty interesting and beneficial to the plot so I thought that they were pretty cool. I liked when Fiona, Quin’s mom, and Shinobu’s mom showed up at the end and stated what they had been doing the entire end of the book. I don’t talk about Fiona much but I really liked how she developed from a scared woman with a drinking problem to a strong woman that was willing to help people. I enjoyed the way she changed. So basically, Dex is the best, Shinobu is the worst, and all the other characters are pretty awesome.

I think that the conclusion of this story was really cool. I liked that as you read the books they just got better and better. As I said before this is my favorite of the series and I hope you enjoy it.