More Info on the Bell Schedule Change


Walter Wacaser, Reporter

If you have not heard yet, (which i doubt you haven’t) the LPS District decided to finalize the decision that all LPS schools will have a mini PLC every Wednesday. This means that every Wednesday, school will start an hour later than the currently scheduled time. This also means the absence of a two hour PLC day every month, but most students would argue that it is worth it.


The goal of the more consistent PLC’s is to give teachers more time to improve the academic well being of their schools. The extra meeting time for staff lets them enact more ideas and improvements for our schools. In the words of the official LPS statement, they say the purpose is to “improve academic growth and achievement; closing achievement gaps; serving a more diverse population as the community’s demographics change; and ensuring students graduate with 21st century skills.”


For the students, this means more time to sleep. Yay! You can expect the day to day schedule change to be similar to Tribe, except classes will be shortened by a little more than five minutes.While I couldn’t find the exact amount classes will be shorted by, I can estimate around 10-15 minutes.


For more information about the bell schedule change, you can go to the official statement of LPS, link below


To find general information about PLC’s, you can go to the LPS webpage, link below.