Are You Celebrating Mother’s Day Right?


Xavier Maier, Editor

Mother’s Day has come and gone, just as it has every year. Most people in America took yesterday to spend time showing their mothers how appreciated their actions and sacrifices really are. However, it is easy to overlook the importance of this holiday. I’m not saying people don’t appreciate their mothers enough, just that it can be easy to half-heartedly celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mothers are rarely told how much what they do matters. Sure, we tell our mothers we love them and that we are thankful for what they do, but to genuinely express appreciation for all that their efforts is a rare thing. Being a good mother to someone is not a requirement of the job; plenty of mothers have gotten away with being cruel or distant, and no punishment came to them because of it. Having a truly caring mother who is there for you and who supports you no matter what is not the way mothers always are. Yet still, the ones who are rarely get told how significantly their parenting has impacted their children for the better. A good mother sacrifices anything and everything for their child’s happiness, and what do we repay our mothers with? Breakfast in bed two times a year, on Mother’s Day and on her birthday?

Mature love is not loving someone because you need them, but instead needing them because you love them. In order to fully appreciate your mother, you have to see your mother as more than just a mother. They do not just exist to give birth to you, raise you and then die; every mother is also a person, with emotions and goals and regrets. These are people who are giving up part of their lives to make yours better, not just background characters in your life that pay for your school and do your laundry. Recognize all that your mother has done for you not just as your parent, but as a person. Love your mother for who she is and how much she cares about you, not just because she’s your mom.

True appreciation of your mother lies in fully recognizing the extent to which she has sacrificed her life for you. Celebrate Mother’s Day next year with the intention of showing her that you understand and love her for all that she is and all that she has done, not just because she made you breakfast as a teenager. Better yet, don’t wait until Mother’s Day. Show your mother how much she means to you every day you can; a couple times a year isn’t enough to give back to a truly good mother.