Football bounces back, defeats Heritage – Video Celebration

Filmed by Nico Gomez, Edited by Dacotah Downs


Declan Palmer

Matt Phelan, 12, rushes for a key 1st down

Jake Reed, Nico Gomez, and Dacotah Downs

After a tough Week 1 loss to Rock Canyon, Warrior football prevailed in a historic rivalry game against the Heritage Eagles. Like always, the stands at LPS Stadium were packed on both sides, with students waiting as much as two hours before kickoff to get a prime viewing spot. However, the Warrior crowd seemed to drown out Eagles fans as the game progressed, with Arapahoe winning by a clear margin in the 28-13 final.

The running game erupted in the Sep. 8 matchup, with the Warriors racking up 282 yards on the ground over 45 touches. The Warriors will take on inter-conference rival Cherry Creek on Sep. 16, with the hopes of keeping the offensive juggernaut rolling to another win.