Warriors Fall 1-0 to Lakewood Lions in Championship of Warrior invitational

Henry Kline, Reporter

What happened: The Warriors lost to Lakewood by a score of 1 to 0 last Saturday night at Littleton Public School’s Stadium. A good match overall, a flurry of late action was not enough to to push Warriors level after a second half goal by Lakewood. This loss means a loss in the championship game of the Warrior Invitational.


Game Recap: Arapahoe and Lakewood both went goalless during the first half, Arapahoe was dominant in possession but Lakewood withheld the pressure into the second half when they had a quick break in the Arapahoe line and broke through for a goal. Arapahoe stormed Lakewood’s third in the last 20 minutes but shot after shot was blocked wide, hit over, or saved by Lakewood’s goaltender.


Play of the game: With less than a minute left, Arapahoe was knocking on the door, a shot point-blank by Zach Westerman looked like Arapahoe would bring the game level and it would head to overtime. Lakewood’s goalkeeper had other ideas and with an outstretched hand pushed the shot wide.


Who came out?: The student section was in full force for the game as students from all grades came and participated in cheers. Football stars from Friday’s Heritage game came too, Alex Smith and Matt Phelan were seen cheering on their fellow Warriors.


Heard Pitchside: The Warriors weight coach, Josh Escue commented on the lack of goals recently, saying simply “We just have to put it in the net.”


Up Next: This concludes the Warrior Invitational and regular season games will soon commence.