Trick or Treat for Safety


Megan Nguyen, Reporter

The day has come in which people of all ages participate in some Halloween spirit by wearing masks, costumes, and wandering the roads in the cold, dark night. Sounds fun! But potentially, this could be dangerous.

While Halloween is one of the most entertaining nights of the year, there is no harm in taking precautions in order to stay safe.

On any night out, it is always smart to travel with a friend or in a group, mostly if one is travelling on ground. Doing this on Halloween night is especially important, as the streets are busy with many people and even potential threats.

Phones should be well charged in case one is in need of an emergency contact. If one should find him or herself alone or lost, both realistically possible situations, danger can be avoided with a phone. Not only can it serve as a means of contacting help, but it is a light source, a GPS and tracker.

Because it will be Halloween, it can be expected that a large amount of pedestrians will be on the road. With that being said, eligible drives must take extra care to be cautious. Also be alert and vigilant, as drivers under influence may pose a threat to others.

Those planning to be out in the open should try his or her best to be visible. In other words, wear reflective material or use glow sticks to combat the night.

If one can at least keep these basic guidelines in mind, then Halloween will be safe and spooky, with a load of smiles, scares and screams.