Do The Broncos Need A Coaching Change?


Credit: Instagram Account @nflmemes_ig

Nathan Holmes, Spear Editor

Right now the Broncos are on a losing streak of eight, which is the longest losing streak the Broncos have suffered since 1967. If they do not turn things around soon, they could become the New York Giants; without a general manager or a coach.

The Broncos had a great start to the season at 3-1, but everything went downhill after a loss to the then 0-5 New York Giants. The Broncos playoff potential slowly disappeared, and starting three different quarterbacks, none with any success, really hurt any chances of a comeback season. The Broncos #4 ranked defense in 2016 has deteriorated to the #31 ranked defense this year, with only the Indianapolis Colts falling short behind. Even the 0-12 Cleveland Browns have a better defense than the Broncos. That is just straight embarrassing. Trevor Siemian has been a horrific quarterback this season, throwing more interceptions than touchdowns.

Will Joseph do anything with his final chance?”

Vance Joseph has obviously not been the greatest of coaches and neither has his coaching crew. Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy already been fired, and there surely more to follow. He failed to maximize the potential of the young and healthy roster he was given. While John Elway has announced that he will not fire Joseph during the season, another question remains; will Joseph do anything with his final chance? Something needs to be turned around, and beating the New York Jets (5-7) this Sunday should be a step in the right direction.