NFL Playoff Picture

The NFL has had some weird games this season, including the Patriots upset Monday by the Dolphins, and many riveting overtime games every week. Injuries have really hurt many teams, with Carson Wentz, Deshaun Watson, and David Johnson to name a few. These injuries have changed the outlook on the playoffs for the NFL, and it most likely won’t end as it is right now.

The AFC has the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens also at (7-6). The NFC also has the Seattle Seahawks at (8-5) and the Detroit Lions/Green Bay Packers/Dallas Cowboys at (7-6). All of those teams are considered “in the hunt.”

Carson Wentz’s injury really changes the NFC dramatically. The Eagles might even lose the rest of their games, but with the win last week they clinched the NFC East and therefore playoff berth. The Patriots loss to the Dolphins could impact them in the future, as they likely will not have much momentum going into their showdown with the 11-2 Steelers. The Chiefs have not been doing well, while the Chargers have, I would not be surprised if they took the division. Therefore, this is what I predict the playoffs will look like after the end of the regular season:



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