Giving Thanks With Noanie Geistert


Briana Beebe, Herald Reporter

Noanie Geistert helped organize the 7th annual Thanksgiving meal to benefit the Denver Inner City Parish where she and countless volunteers fed 350 people. There was a full course Thanksgiving dinner served in the southwest Denver community. The event was put on by the LOFT (Living Our Faith Together) at First Plymouth Congregational Church. All were welcome to come together and share precious moments with friends, family, and total strangers. People of all statuses, abilities, and differences were able to connect in a time of gratitude. Noanie was able to help bring a community together for such rare and treasured moments that will be remembered by hundreds.


Why do you volunteer, and why do think others should volunteer? LOFT is our family ministry which was originally started by a former Arapahoe High School teacher. It’s mission was to teach our children how to help others. As First Plymouth’s Director of Children’s Ministries I believe in it’s Mission and do all I can to further it’s work. The congregation is so helpful in continuing our mission. All of us who are blessed with so much should always try to give back to those who are not as fortunate.


How do charities benefit our community?  Without charities like the Denver Inner City Parish and Family Homestead and the United Way,  Habitat for Humanity and so many others, many less fortunate citizens would slip through the cracks and go without food and shelter and other assistance they need. These charities help with finding the assistance their clients need in the community.


What is your favorite volunteer program in the area?  Most of my volunteering happens with the Denver Inner City Parish because I so believe in the work they do. They have a school for grades 7-12, La Academia, a food bank, a clothing bank, a program for their senior population among many others. My favorite activity we do is the Santa Shoppe which is happening on December 9. We collect new and very lightly used donations for Adults. We hold a brunch and then open up the shoppe for the children of the community to pick out gifts for their parents, grandparents and guardians. These young people do not have the money to be able to buy presents for their loved ones in a store. The joy you see on their faces is priceless as they pick out their treasures. We then help them wrap their chosen presents.


How can we all get involved in more organizations like this? All charities are begging for help, both financial and in volunteers. You are never too young to start giving back so one can think about what interests them and find an organization that fits their interests. For instance, if you love animals, you could volunteer at an animal shelter like the Dumb Friends League or the MaxFund.


Have you done similar stuff like this in the past? I have been blessed in my life so I feel it’s important to give back to those who don’t have as much. Trust me, it makes me feel wonderful when I can help others!! It has been part of my life for many years and hope to do it until I no longer can.

How did the event turn out? Our event was a huge success and that was because we had so many volunteers!!! Two of my favorite sayings is  “It truly takes a village!” and “Many hands make light work!”.