Throw Back Thursday: Arapahoe Alumni

Ms. Davidson

Throw Back Thursday: Arapahoe Alumni

Collette LeManske, Copy Editor

Welcome to the first article of the series TBT: Arapahoe Teacher’s Edition where we interview teachers who used to go to Arapahoe! Follow the Arapahoe Xtra on our journey to find stories of long lost traditions, countless changes, meaningful memories and of course exciting high school experiences from the past.

After Speaking with Ms. Davidson, an art teacher here at Arapahoe, I learned about what Arapahoe High School used to be like ten years ago. Many changes happened since the year Davidson graduated (2008) like the Auxiliary Gym being built, more creative sport dress up days and class colors changing. One change she was proud to experience first hand was the development and growth of Art Club;  “Now we have a really active art club and a great strong student leadership in art club. I’m really proud of the work that they’ve done with that and it’s been all student driven, so that that’s been really great to see.”

A lot can change in ten years, but the most important part of being a Warrior stayed constant: “As a student I had such pride and I felt so happy to be a student at Arapahoe, I think kids are still really pumped to be here. I used to go to all of the basketball games. Every. Single. Game. I think the investment in our athletics has been really positive and seeing kids support the sports has been really cool.” Similarly the great staff has been constant since Davidson attended Arapahoe. Our great teachers are here to help us now and always have been, “I always had such great teachers here and they helped encourage me to be the best I could be, and now to work with them as co-workers has been really something special,” says Davidson.

Traditions are a big part of Arapahoe. We see it when we gather in the gym for pep assemblies, when the senior girls run through the hall with pride shouting chants, or when we rush the field after we win our game against Heritage (again). One tradition Davidson recalled was the Heritage Car Smash, “We had a car smash. We painted this old rusty beat up car in heritage colors and then you could take sledgehammers to it, hammer it and beat it up. They would put it out at lunch out by the circle drive during lunch.” They no longer allow students to do the car smash anymore for a strange reasons like danger and flying glass.

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