The Broncos Signed Who?

Nathan Holmes, Spear Editor

Although free agency doesn’t officially begin until Wednesday, March 14, many teams have already “signed” some of the biggest free agents of this year’s pool.

March 12 was the first day of mayhem, where Case Keenum, Allen Robinson, and Sammy Watkins all were signed, all by different teams. The Chicago Bears made a big splash in free agency by getting Allen Robinson, and the Kansas City Chiefs signed Sammy Watkins. The signing that not enough people know about yet was Case Keenum’s. The DENVER BRONCOS took CASE KEENUM to help fill the quarterback role. The deal is considered short-term, so the Broncos could be preparing to draft a QB and have Keenum as a bridge. However, this gets rid of all suspicion of the Broncos pursuing Kirk Cousins.

Kirk Cousins is the most intriguing QB in this free agency group, and the Minnesota Vikings signed him to a 3 year $84 million deal on March 13. Along with him, Trey Burton was nabbed by the Chicago Bears, but to be honest, no one really cares.

Let’s go back to the Broncos. Case Keenum will now be the man under center in 2018 for the Broncos, and he could be the key for a return to the playoffs for the Broncos. However, the Broncos do still have the No. 5 pick in the draft, and could still draft a QB. It is considered unlikely at this point, and the Broncos biggest prospect has now become OG Quenton Nelson. The Broncos need to fix their offensive line, and Nelson is the one to do it.

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