7 Tips for Sophomore Success


Jaden Cottorone, Reporter

   Ah, yes. Sophomore year. That awkward time when you’re wedged in between blooming into an upperclassman and feeling like middle school just vomited you out yesterday.

   I’ll admit, I was extremely nervous to come back to these halls. My life totally reset this summer, and I was terrified that once I stepped through the East doors again, I would fall back into the spiral of anxiety that followed me last year.

   So far though, I’m loving these sophomore year vibes.

   Personally, the first week was a breeze. I know my way around, I know exactly how I like my work to be organized, and I’ve been nothing but goal-orientated.

   Yes, I get that it’s only the second week, but I plan on keeping this mentality for the rest of the year. How you ask? Well, I’ve decided to provide a list of encouraging ideas to you, my fellow sophomores (and all peers!) for your academic, social and mental success. My ingenious is at your disposal:

1. Focus on yourself
Loving and caring for others is important, but sometimes as hormonal human tornadoes, we take this nature too far.  Make yourself a top priority. Whether that means improving a certain skill, finding some different friends, or even just being a little kinder to yourself.

2. Gain some self-discipline
I’m sure you’ve noticed that as you get older, classes become a little less structured, yet teachers expect more from you. This is a great freedom to be granted; that is if you can keep up. In fact, this kind of classroom can be miserable if you fall behind. Come up with some strategies for getting your work done on time and some backups for when you just can’t.

3. Don’t take things so seriously
This pretty much contradicts what I just said about self-discipline. Yes, pushing yourself to do your work, and make it of quality, is important. But, remember that being too strict with yourself is no fun. Go to some football games, dances, and other events- even if you’ve never gone before. High school is so short, so try and make the most of it.

4. Love what you do and do what you love
If you haven’t found your “niche” at AHS yet, look for it! Whether you’re into basketball or underwater basket-weaving, there is a space for you to do what you love. There are sooo many students here at Arapahoe, so there’s bound to be someone who shares your passion.

5. Become a leader
   You’re a big kid now. Act like it. Start by helping others around you. See a freshman that’s totally lost? Direct them. Notice that your classmate can’t figure out an equation? Instruct them. Is somebody slacking off in your group project? Yell at them. Just kidding. But you should definitely guide them.

6. Let go of the past
It’s absolutely true that a new school year is a fresh start. Take advantage of it! Forget any drama, friendships, or romances that happened before May, just be present and recognize who you are right now.

7. Be authentically, unapologetically, you
A lot of my friends complain that they can truly be themselves over the summer, but when it comes to school they struggle with keeping their disposition. Honestly, the only person who is holding you back from being yourself is… well, yourself. Remember, you’re the one who dictates if you are happy or not.

   I wish everyone the best of luck in the 2018-2019 school year. Spread these encouraging ideas, affirmations, and all the good vibes! After all, Warriors always take care of one another.