All You Need to Know About Club Cafe


Quinn Rowlison, Herald Section Editor

If you missed Club Cafe do not worry. We have you covered. We had the chance to interview each club that was there. If you are interested in a club that you saw while you were walking by, now’s your chance to get caught up on all their info!



Club: Art Club

Sponsors: Ms. Davidson, Mrs. Hawthorne, Mrs. King, Ms. Mishoe

Time and Place: Thurs/3:45-4:45 pm, E1283

Contact Info: Mrs. Hawthorne Ms. Mishoe: Ms. King: Ms. Davidson:


Club: DECA

Sponsors: Mrs. Grantham, Mrs. Maney

Time and Place: See Sponsor (Business Office)

Contact Info:


Club: Drama Club

Sponsors: Mr. Ahern

Time and Place: See Sponsor (Theater)

Contact Info:


Club: Environmental Club

Sponsors: Mr. Kuhlmann

Time and Place: 1st Thurs of the month, 3:45-4:45 pm, C1453

Contact Info: Maggie Foa:303-810-3619   Emma Purcell:303-617-0917 Mr. Kuhlmann:


Club: FBLA

Sponsors: Mrs. Swank, Mr. Sawyer

Time and Place: Every other Weds. beg. 9/13; 3:40-4:25 pm, Forum

Contact Info: Mr. Sawyer: Mrs. Swank:


Club: Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Sponsors: Mr.Craig, Ms. Wright, Mr. Brandberg, Mr. Mauler, Mr. Haytak

Time and Place: Every other Monday. @ South Fellowship Church @7

Contact Info: Text @ahsfca to 81010 for Remind updates or email Mr. Craig at


Club: Figure Skating Club

Sponsors: Mrs. Bradley

Time and Place: See sponsor in PE office

Contact Info:


Club: Hype Club

Sponsors: Mr. Dollaghan

Time and Place: Friday Mornings, N1475

Contact Info:

Info: All about school spirit, support, and building a community of excitement!


Club: Improv Club

Sponsors: Ms. Gallegos

Time and Place: Mon., 3:40-4:40 pm, E1287

Contact Info:

Info: Join Improv Club for a fun time and the chance to be in a group of like-minded people learning all about the world of improv and drama!


Club: Mini-Med

Sponsors: Mr. Craig

Time and Place: Friday mornings at 7:40 am

Contact Info:,

Info: This is a mini-med class/club. There will be some speakers that will come in talk about certain things. If you are interested in going into the medical field this would be the club for you!


Club: Marine Life Club

Sponsors: Ms. Langill

Time and Place: Every other Thurs starting 9/6 – W2879

Contact Info:

Info: The main purpose of Marine Life Club is to educate you and your peers about the ocean and everything that lives in it.


Club: Martial Arts and Self Defense

Sponsors: Mr. Wallace

Time and Place: Mondays after school, W2875

Contact Info:


Club: Math Club

Sponsors: Mr. Jonnard

Time and Place: Meet in Mr. Jonnard’s room, E1341, every Wed morning at 8:45. They won’t have meetings for a while but they would like the get the word out.  

Contact Info: or text (303) 495-9373


Club: Mountain Biking Club

Sponsors: Mr. Lewis

Time and Place: Weekly Practice

Contact Info: Text or call Maggie Foa for info at 303-810-3619


Club: The Muse Literary Magazine

Sponsors: Ms. King, Ms. Mishoe, Mr. Neenan, Mr. Spare

Time and Place: See Sponsor (Art/LA Offices)

Contact Info: Mr. Spare: Mr. Neenan: Ms. Mishoe: Ms. King:

Info: The Muse Magazine gives students all around AHS the platform to promote and share their art, whether it be poetry, prose, music, visual art, or film. By joining, you can be a part of putting together this wonderful literary magazine!


Club: Rock Climbing Club

Sponsors: Mr. Lutz, Mr. Conway

Time and Place: See Sponsors (Science/Math Offices)

Contact Info: Mr. Conway: Mr. Lutz:


Club: Rugby Club

Sponsors: Mrs. Syers

Time and Place: See Sponsor (Science Office)

Contact Info:


Club: SAGA

Sponsors: Mr. Jonnard

Time and Place: Wed after school S1401

Contact Info: Call or message Nic Highsmith at 720-556-7617 for questions

Info: SAGA meaning Sexual and Gender Acceptance Club, welcomes everyone and want to promote an accepting environment of their members.


Club: Science Bowl Club

Sponsors: Ms. Nolan

Time and Place: See Sponsor (Science Office)

Contact Info: Ms. Nolan:

Info: Science Bowl is a prestigious academic buzzer competition with questions from all categories of science and math. You have the chance to participate in not only the club, but to represent AHS in a state-wide competition, and many of the judges and organizers are professional scientists.


Club: Sign Language

Sponsors: Ms. Airington

Time and Place: See Sponsor (Speech-Language Office)

Contact Info:


Club: Sources Of Strength

Sponsors: Mrs. Kuhlmann

Time and Place: Email sponsor

Contact Info:

Info: This club was formed to promote comfort and security at school. Their goal is to make everyone feel included and loved.


Club: Speech & Debate

Sponsors: Mrs. Burns

Time and Place: T/TR, 3:45-4:45 pm, C1452. The first meeting on September 10

Contact Info:

Info: Want to improve your public speaking and debating skills? Speech and Debate is a perfect after-school activity perfect for you!


Club: Student Council

Sponsors: Mrs. Price and Mrs. Abner

Time and Place: See Sponsor (Social Studies/PE Offices)

Contact Info: Mrs. Price: Mrs. Abner:

Info: Student Council is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of a tight-knit group of student leaders who value community service and school spirit! You can either be a general council member, an ambassador, or an elected officer. Ambassadors and officers are enrolled in the class and can earn elective credit.


Club: Technology Student Association (TSA)

Sponsors: Mr. McMullen

Time and Place: Every other Tues. thru February – E1287

Contact Info: JJ Plummer:; Emma Hopson: David McMullen

Info: TSA is a chapter, state, and national career and technical student organization all about fostering personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


Club: Unicef Club

Sponsors: Mr. Corson

Time and Place: The 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month E1287

Contact Info:

Info: UNICEF A worldwide organization that assists struggling communities and children mainly with charity and education. The UNICEF club is simply a chapter of the organization and is dedicated to charity for both local and worldwide children in less fortunate circumstances. It is also actually new to AHS this year!


Club: Unified Basketball/Cheerleading

Sponsors: Mrs. Rooney

Time and Place: See Sponsor (Center-Based Classroom)

Contact Info:


Club: Boys Volleyball

Sponsors: Ms. Wright

Time and Place: Meet in the aux gym, after school 7-9

Contact Info:


Club: Water Polo Club

Sponsors: Mrs. Bradley

Time and Place: 3:45-5:15 Tues/Thurs at the pool

Contact Info:,,


Club: Writing Club

Sponsors: Mrs. Leclaire, Mr. Neenan

Time and Place: Tues., 3:30-4:30, C1456

Contact Info: Mr. Neenan: Mrs. Leclaire:

Info: A group of writers passionate about their craft, who are able to not only share their writing but feel comfortable enough to just be themselves!


Club: Warriors of the Word

Sponsors: Mr. Trotter

Time and Place: Every Friday morning from 7:30-8:05

Contact Info:

Info: This is a bible study club. If you are interested in learning more about faith and studying the bible this is the club for you.