2018 Homecoming Recap!


Lydia Mack

Members of the Class of 2019 send streamers flying to end the Homecoming Pep Assembly on Friday, Sept. 14.

Jaden Cottorone

Megan Nguyen , Managing Editor

Arapahoe High School’s 2018 Homecoming Week was successful. Student Council, the student-run group in charge of the event, made noticeable changes since previous years that helped this success.

“Walking through the trophy hall was a completely different experience — seeing a massive group in line to play the Wii, being able to escape the hot gym to the outdoor area and see all of our brand new decorations all hung up,”  Junior Vice President Campbell Finch said.

Finch listed changes that were made to the dance, but other aspects of this success was Student Council’s ability to pull the week together on such short notice. In the past, Homecoming Week was at least a month and a half into the start of school. Last year, it was about three weeks later than when it took place this year. The dance was slightly less than a month after school began.

Student Council managed to plan, publicize and execute all events, put together decorations, pull in volunteers, sell tickets and shirts and charge the school with spirit. This was done in almost half the time they had last year, yet many of those on Student Council and staff would agree that is has been the most successful in years.

“Getting a set plan for how decoration was going to happen was definitely a little bit of a struggle. But Student Council stepped in ready to get working, even if it meant being a little late to their hoco pictures,” Finch said about the difficulties they’d faced when it came to decorations.

This year was the first year that changes were made. Due to its success, Arapahoe can be sure to look towards seeing more improvements next year.

“Arapahoe can look forward to everything we did this year. This was kind of our trial run at ‘the new homecoming’ and we will be adding so many awesome new aspects but also keeping everything people seemed to love this year,” said Finch.



Clips and segments of video recorded by Jaden Cottorone, Megan Nguyen, and  Constance Rathsack