Unpopular Opinion: Feminism Should Pick A Side


Disclaimer: The views of this article do not necessarily represent the views of Arapahoe High School or Warrior Media. They are just the views of one person. Some might share these views, and others might disagree. Comment below with your thoughts!

Google defines “feminism” as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” This seems like a noble cause, so why did only 23% of women identify as feminists in 2013 (HuffPost Poll)?

According to the Huffington Post, 82% of all people believe in gender equality, with only 9% saying that men and women should not be social, economic, and political equals, and the other 9% not sure of which side to pick.

Many people avoid identifying as feminists because feminism is no longer about gender equality. Feminists claim that all genders should be equal, and so I question, are they not already? I challenge you to name one right that men have that women do not have.  Comment below if you can find one.

Yes, there are many problems facing women, including the “gender wage gap” (it’s a myth). Before you get up in arms about how I’m a misogynist spreading lies, watch this video FROM A WOMAN explaining why the “gender wage gap” is not real.

Let’s go through some of the problems that women face. Many people believe that America is sexist, because we haven’t had a female president yet. I disagree. President Trump received 52% of the votes from white women during the 2016 election. Yes, Hillary received more overall when minorities are included, but this shows that Trump was still voted for by many women.

Let’s face it, the 2016 election was a battle of which was worse, the crook, or the jerk. Trump was called many things, like racist and sexist, but in my opinion, Trump is neither of those things. While Trump has done many sexist things in his past, that does not define who he is today.

Many people complain that the “border wall” is racist, but they have no idea what the purpose of a border wall is. The idea with a border wall is to keep illegal immigrants out. Americans are tired of fighting for jobs with illegal immigrants. Even legal immigrants are tired of illegal immigrants. A wall is about border security, which most countries prioritize.

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Let me make this clear, I am not defending Trump. I am not a fan of Trump. But personally, I think Hillary was worse. People cannot act as if she was innocent. Americans want a female president, but it all matters who the woman is. In 2008, Sarah Palin was on the Republican ticket as a vice presidential candidate, and Democrats dehumanized her. The nation needs a woman to step up that they can believe in, and that woman has not arrived yet. The same is true with every candidate. They don’t get votes if America doesn’t believe in them.

Women are also the victims of violence countless times. I am 100% against that. But people “forget” that men are the victims of over 40% of domestic violence (The Guardian). If anyone rapes or hurts anyone, that is wrong. The nation needs to unify under one banner and fix all of our issues together. We can’t do that if only women’s issues are highlighted. Yes, women have problems. So do minority racial groups. But men do as well.

Feminism had a noble cause, until many feminists turned into feminazis. Feminism envelops gender equality, but feminazis want gender disparity. They want women to be superior to men. People don’t want to identify as feminists anymore because feminism is being associated with feminazis. We need to separate the two. Feminism needs to pick a side.