2020-2021 Staff

Michaela Powell


Michaela Powell is a freshmen at Arapahoe High School this year. She enjoys time with friends and family. Her passion is baking. This is her first year with the journalism team and she enjoys the class very much.

Jacob Zier


Jacob Zier is a Freshmen at Arapahoe High School, this is his first year in Spear. He plays hockey and baseball and has a passion for a lot of other sports. His favorite TV show is "The Office" and he loves to learn about American History.

Henry Nickless

Warrior media reporter

Henry Nickless is a freshman at Arapahoe Highschool. Henry loves to play video games, try new things and exercise. His daily routine consists of, staying up late, waking up late, and wasting time playing video games and learning useless knowledge.

Joe Cox


Joe is a senior at Arapahoe, and this will be his first year in Spear. He is looking forward to continuing on some of the great things that Spear did last year. He has a good background with editing, and is excited to put that to use in Spear. There are...

Mason Oliva


Mason is a sophomore at Arapahoe and in his first year with the spear/extra staff. He gained interest by starting to make small films his freshmen year. Mason also partakes in Arapahoe cross country and swimming. Outside his free time he enjoys to ski...

Josh Watters


I'm josh and I like sports

Liam Rump


Liam Rump is a freshman at Arapahoe High School, and this is his first year in Warrior Media. He loves playing sports and loves Colorado. His favorite sports are football and basketball, and his favorite football team is the Seattle Seahawks. Liam also...

Ashley Mowle

Editor-in-Chief of ArapahoeXtra and Spear

Ashley is a senior at Arapahoe and this is her fourth and final year on the Spear/Xtra staff, and she is thrilled to be the Editor-in-Chief. She is also the drama club historian and is very involved with theatre at the school. In her spare time, Ashl...

Maya Miserlian


As a senior, this is Maya's first year in Arapahoe Xtra, and she wishes she joined sooner because she has loved broadcasting sports for the school. She also thinks you should follow the AHS journalism TikTok @arapwarriormedia.

Robert Dicker

Editor in Chief, Calumet Yearbook

Robert is a senior at Arapahoe and has been involved in journalism for four years. He first joined staff because of an interest in photography, which soon expanded to include all facets of journalism. When he's not in the J-Room, he can be found deep...

Ella Cinalli

Warrior Media Associate Editor

Ella Cinalli is a senior at Arapahoe High School and has been on the Herald staff for three years. Ella is an associate editor this year and is looking forward to writing great articles this year! Ella is planning on going into journalism during her college...

Mae Bryant


An avid journalist, Mae's always ready to write important, interesting and reliable articles. She loves meeting new people, traveling and opening her perspective through journalism. Watch for her writing on Arapahoextra and any other Arapahoe media platforms!

Naomi Navarro


Naomi Navarro is a sophomore at Arapahoe High School. This is her first year in warrior media.  Outside of school, Naomi enjoys writing, singing, hiking, painting, photography, and spending time with her friends and family. As a new staff member, Naomi...

Shelby McInally

Shelby is a freshman at Arapahoe High School. She participates in cross country and basketball for Arapahoe. Shelby enjoys doing hair, hanging out with friends, and playing sports. She also participated in yearbook for two years in Middle School and enjoys...

William Longanbach


William is a freshman and first year journalist at Arapahoe. He is most excited to learn the ropes and continue to get better. His hobbies include pastimes such as doing absolutely nothing, playing video games and talking about sports with people.

Raegan Orrell


Raegan Orrell is a Sophmore at Arapahoe High School. This is Raegan's first year as part of the Arapahoe Journalism Staff. Raegan is excited to see what the school year brings in this interesting time. Raegan loves listening to music (except country)...

Jack DeBaggis


Jack is now in his second year of school and his second year in the SPEAR team. Jack has several interests ranging from many topics. Primarily Jack interested in things like video game news, reptiles (he owns two himself), rap music, and shoes in general....

Lily Stinton

Warrior Media Associate Editor

Lily Stinton is a Junior at Arapahoe and is an associate editor for the Herald Newsmagazine staff. This is Lily's third year on staff. While not in the J-room you can find Lily playing soccer, watching How I Met Your Mother, or having a concert in her...

Avery Watkins


Avery is a sophomore at Arapahoe High School. This is her first year as a journalist. In her free time, you can find her on the slopes snowboarding, blasting her music, or enjoying a nice movie. Her favorite food is anything Mexican. She is looking forward...

Riley Roth


Riley Roth is a freshman and this is her first year in Warrior Media. Riley loves to write and she loves animals. She has a 20 year old cat named Lucas and a black lab, mut mix named Hank. She adores them dearly. Roth is short and kind of crazy. She is...

Sierra Martin


Sierra is a junior at Arapahoe High School, however, this is her first year attending AHS. She has very much enjoyed her experiences here so far. In her free time, you can find Sierra reading, playing the piano or guitar, or spending time with her family....

Ashleigh Huntley

Warrior Media Associate Editor

Ashleigh is a senior this year at and has been a member of the Warrior Media family for three years now. Although times are always changing, now it feels more than ever, but Ashleigh is excited every day to see what she and the rest of her staff can d...

Ryan Rundell


Ryan Rundell has the honor of being trained as a journalist this year at Arapahoe. He a senior and has played lacrosse and tennis all four years of High School. He loves skiing with his friends and enjoying beautiful Colorado. Ryan is more into the photography/video...

Calen Lawson


Calen is a sophomore making it his 2nd year at Arapahoe High School in the 2020-2021 school year. He enjoys writing & reviewing movies and other media. This is his first year as a writer for ArapahoeXtra. He enjoys riding bikes, rock climbing, playing...

Ava Powell

Warrior Media Associate Editor

Ava Powell is a Junior this year, this is her second year of Spear/Xtra. She is so excited to be back and creating content alongside her friends. She aspires to post things that will make people smile and laugh  even giving them something to look forward ...

Clara Shanor


Clara is a freshman and enjoys reading and writing. She's been playing volleyball for three years and loves watching baseball. Her favorite animal is a sheep and her favorite color is blue. She moved here from Virginia five years ago and likes to ski...

Cameran Williams


Cameran is a freshman at Arapahoe High School this year. She enjoys going to concerts, shopping for vinyl and CDs, and being with her friends. She loves to write and aspires to study print journalism or to travel and write about music. Cameran is excited...

Charlotte Clark


Charlotte is a tenth grader at Arapahoe and this is her first year on the Herald News staff! In her free time she enjoys painting, baking, reading, and listening to music. Charlotte is also involved in Key Club at the school, and loves spending time volunteering...

Marina Huster


This is Marina's first year with news production and third year at Arapahoe High School. She enjoys photography and challenging herself. Marina swims varsity for AHS because there's no way she's running. In her free time she enjoys working on her jeep...

Kylie Bennett


Kylie is a sophomore at Arapahoe High School. This is her first year as part of Warrior Media, and she's thrilled to be involved in this incredible program. A lover of writing, literature, film, and photography, Kylie is greatly looking forward to learning...

Nicholas Davis


Nick Davis is a Senior at Arapahoe High School who might not be the best student in the classroom but he is sure to put a smile on your face. His journalism is off the chain and you definitely won't be bored reading it. He covers the topics that no o...

Rowan Hughes


This is Rowan's first year at Arapahoe which makes it her first year on the Warrior Media Staff. She plays volleyball, basketball, and is apart of the Black Student Alliance club (BSC) for Arapahoe. Outside of school she goes to loves to go to Littleton...

Justus Brocka


Justus is a freshman. He is a high red belt in MMA close to getting his candidate red belt (one away from getting his black belt). His favorite part of MMA judo. In his free time, he enjoys hanging it with friends and family. He enjoys playing video games...

Ruby Harris

Warrior Media Associate Editor

Ruby is a sophomore at Arapahoe High School and this is her second year on staff. She loves playing her guitar and making music with her dad. Being a journalist is one of her biggest passions and she enjoys writing. This is her first year on editorial...

Hannah Larsen

Warrior Media Associate Editor

Hannah is a senior at Arapahoe High School. This is her fourth year on staff for the Herald. When not participating in cheer, she spends lots of time with her friends and family. Unsure of the career path she would like to take, she hopes to major in...

Lincoln Pedersen


Lincoln Pedersen is a senior at Arapahoe High School. This is Lincoln's first year being apart of Arapahoe Xtra He's involved in soccer, volleyball, and rock climbing. Lincoln really enjoys hiking and camping and he also really enjoys drinking strawberry m...

Matt Ambrose


Matt Ambrose is a senior at Arapahoe High School. He is a first year journalist with Spear. Ambrose has played Tennis, Golf, and Lacrosse at Arapahoe. As a young kid he always loved sports and enjoyed the idea of broadcasting sports. He enjoys friendly...

Braden Grace


Braden Grace is a senior attending Arapahoe High School. He is very work driven and is passionate about a lot of things, including journalism. Braden's passion for journalism and broadcasting began when he was young. Being around sports broadcasting he...

Aiden Kirk


Aiden Kirk is a Senior at Arapahoe and is a first-year journalist for the Arapahoe Xtra. Since his junior year, he has been a part of the DECA Officer team and has made it to state competitions three years in a row. He also plays soccer for Arapahoe and...

Abby Holbrook


This is Abby Holbrook, she is a senior, and it is her first year working for Spear! On top of Spear, she is a varsity swim captain, President of Choir Council, a Link Crew Commissioner, and apart of NHS. In her limited free time, she enjoys taking pictures,...

Grace Franzen


This is Grace's first year working in Spear. She is a senior, and plays varsity tennis at Arapahoe. On top of that, she manages boys tennis, is involved in Link Crew, and has participated in Key Club as well. Grace is super excited to be working in Warrior...

Constance Rathsack

Managing Editor of The Arapahoe Herald

Constance is a senior at Arapahoe, and this is her fourth year on the Herald and first year as the managing editor. Constance enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and spending time with her dog. When not working on the Herald, Constance can be found hanging...

Jaden Cottorone

Editor-In-Chief of The Arapahoe Herald

Jaden is a senior and has been a part of journalism at Arapahoe for 3 years. In her time on staff, she has dedicated herself to creating unity through the Warrior Media brand. This year, she is ecstatic to be Editor-In-Chief of The Arapahoe Herald newsmaga...

Skylynn McDowell

Warrior Media Associate Editor

Skylynn McDowell is a tenth grader at Arapahoe High School, and this is her second year as a staff member for the Herald Newsmagazine. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, playing the viola, and volunteering at the library. This year, she would like...

Kate Tucker

Warrior Media Associate Editor

Kate is a sophomore at Arapahoe this year and has been on the Herald Staff for two years now. She loves to mountain bike, swim, be outdoors, and be with her friends. She is beyond excited to be back in school and can't wait to share her experiences with...

Kristin Avery

Warrior Media Associate Editor

Kristin is a senior this year (crazy, she knows!) and has been on the Herald Newsmagazine staff since her sophomore year. Kristin, like most people, is very eager to be through with the coronavirus and get back to life at Arapahoe as normal. In her free...

Leanna Marcus

Warrior Media Associate Editor

Leanna is a junior this year, making it her third year apart of Spear/Xtra. This year she hopes to continue reporting on all things Arapahoe and more. When she's not spending time with friends or family, you can find her watching reruns of her favorite...

Andrew Chalmers

Executive Editor, Reporter

Andrew is a Sophomore at Arapahoe High School. He enjoys playing soccer and tennis for Arapahoe. He also enjoys rooting for his favorite sports teams such as; the Broncos, Nuggets, and Liverpool F.C. Andrew is ecstatic to work with SPEAR and write articles ...

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