Ashleigh Huntley
Ashleigh is a senior this year at and has been a member of the Warrior Media family for three years now. Although times are always changing, now it feels more than ever, but Ashleigh is excited every day to see what she and the rest of her staff can do to adapt to these challenging times. Challenges can bring out excellence, so she is so excited for everybody to see what the journalists at Arapahoe have in store for them. When she’s not in the J-room, Ashleigh can be found probably under a couple blankets watching Criminal Minds with her homework open in another tab. She loves creating in all forms- writing, reading, baking, painting- and consuming all different types of art. She daydreams about running away to France or Ireland, but her realistic goal is to go into environmental and plant sciences and in the future be a scientific researcher, although things can always change. But the present is a gift, so she hopes that you enjoy everything her and her fellow journalists create.

Ashleigh Huntley, Warrior Media Associate Editor

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Ashleigh Huntley