Joey Mason
Joey Mason is a Sophomore at Arapahoe High School with a love of music, journalism, and all things computerized. He is a fanatic for almost anything involving technology and desires a career involving IT in the future. 2016 will be his third year on a Yearbook staff, and second at Arapahoe. He isn’t particularly interested in sports, but still tries to stay healthy and active. He plays acoustic and electric guitar and enjoys rock music, but has a horrific singing voice. He plays what most people would consider an absurd amount of video games on his PC, but he likes to think of it as a healthy passion. He also spends too much time on the internet, most of that on Twitch, Youtube, Twitter and Reddit. Joey also enjoys being with friends online and in person. Another passion of his is writing. From journalistic to pure fiction, he finds it fun and rewarding to entertain and inform.

Joey Mason, Calumet Yearbook

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Oct 30, 2015
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Oct 13, 2015
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Joey Mason