Low Cost Date Ideas


Sierra Martin, Journalist

Finding fun and low-cost dates are sometimes a pain, but there’s no need to look any further! Here are seven great low-cost date ideas for you to consider when planning your next date!

1. Sunset? Picnic? Stargazing?

Yes, please! Watching the sunset is a fabulous feeling. (Need a great place to go? Check out Hudson Gardens here in Littleton!) Find a nice spot to watch the sunset and lay out a blanket for a picnic. Take out those easy sandwiches you made, such as peanut butter and jelly or turkey and cheese or ham and cheese. Then pull out some chips, and maybe even a Capri sun if you’re feeling it. And finish off your perfect night with some stargazing. How many constellations can you identify?


2. Movie Night from the Comfort of Your Couch

Movie night? Your couch? Who wouldn’t say no? Check your cabinets and pantries first before heading off to the store. Do you have popcorn? With the butter flavor? If not, you better put that on your list. How about candy? Do you have a nice treat to go with your popcorn and movie night? No? Put that on the list, too. After you get back from the store, find your favorite movie in your collection and gather your snacks and the softest blanket you find. Enjoy!

3. Did someone say s’ mores?

You heard correctly! So get that firepit up and running. Make sure you have some chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, and roasting sticks ready to go. It’s s’mores night! While those marshmallows are toasting, see if you can find any constellations in the sky or even make up your own! See what shapes you see in the night sky! After you’ve devoured your delicious s’ mores, ending the night with some dancing under the stars.

photo courtesy of Pixabay

4. Pizza

Quick! Check your fridge! That’s right. Check your fridge. What pizza toppings do you have? Do you have crusts? Do you have sauce? No? That’s okay. It’s just a simple trip to the store. Gather those pizza toppings because it’s homemade pizza night! Make these delicious pizzas together. While you wait for them to cook, go get out your favorite board game or a deck of cards to pass the time!

5. Binge-Watching

People may say that sitting in front of a tv all day isn’t great for you, but sometimes you need a day to relax and binge. Go to Netflix, Amazon Prime Viedo, Hulu, whatever you use to watch shows. What shows have you not seen yet? What shows do our friends never stop talking about? Riverdale? F.R.I.E.N.D.S.? To All the Boys? Maybe it’s a movie series. Star Wars? Marvel? Harry Potter? Sounds like you have a lot of choices! You better get watching!

photo courtesy of Pixabay

6. Drive-in Movie

Head to a drive-in movie somewhere! Some of the best movie experiences are at drive-ins! There are drive-ins all around the foothills and up in the mountains some! Take some extra money and maybe even get a classic drive-in snack or meal! Take some blankets and clear out the back of your car and enjoy your movie!

7. Mini Golfing

It sounds simple and not all the creative, but it’s a great date idea! You can choose if you want to be indoors or outdoors, and the score isn’t a requirement. You can be competitive or play just for fun! There is no way to go wrong with mini-golfing! If your bad, no worries!


Hope these date ideas were helpful! Enjoy!