SCP History


Justus Brocka, Journalist

SCP is one of the largest online shared universes, with new content appearing frequently because it has a Creative Commons copyright license (or CC). CC licenses are used when an author wants to give the public the right to share, use, and build upon their original work. This includes writing stories, making and selling merch, and many other things, but if someone makes an SCP and doesn’t allow others to use it under the CC license, this violates the copyright law and the original creator of SCP can sue. As of December 2020, there are 6,000 SCPs and over 3,000 short stories using these SCPs. (That is the real world aspect of the SCP universe) Now, it’s time to start on the history/lore of the SCP universe (most SCPs are pretty horrifying, I suggest anyone who is easily frightened should stop reading). The SCP Foundation is a foundation dedicated to rounding up SCPs to protect humanity. SCP stands for Secure, Contain, Protect. In some cases, they have terminated SCPs. Other SCPs they would terminate, except they don’t know how, for example, SCP-682 (AKA: The Hard to Destroy Reptile), any injuries sustained by 682 are quickly healed. There are 5 classes of SCPs The lowest being safe. Safe are SCPs that the foundation can easily contain either due to the Foundation studying the SCP enough that they know how to keep it contained or the SCP needs a specific and conscious trigger. However, an SCP being classified as safe doesn’t mean it’s harmless. If another SCP broke its containment a safe SCP could pose a threat. An example of a safe SCP is SCP-131 (AKA: Eye Pods) which poses no threat and is allowed to freely roam around site-19. Safe SCPs that pose a threat are kept contained. The second class is Euclid class requiring more resources to be contained, usually as a result of the SCP being unpredictable or the foundation having an insufficient understanding of the SCP. An example of a Euclid class SCP is SCP-049 (AKA: The plague doctor) He is kept in a standard secure humanoid cell at site-19 (there are more sites, I just keep choosing ones that are kept at site-19 for some reason). Before transport, he must be sedated and put into a class 3 humanoid restriction harness (including a locking collar and extension restraints and monitored by 2 armed guards). While he is usually cooperative he is prone to sudden outbursts where he kills foundation personnel. The third class is Keter class. Keter class are extremely hard to contain, the foundation usually has little understanding of these SCPs or just lacks the technology it would take to contain them. An example of a Keter class SCP is SCP-035 (AKA: The possessive mask). 035 is kept in a hermetically sealed glass that is at least 4 inches. The doors in the room it’s kept in have to be triple-locked at all times except when letting personnel in or out of the room. The fourth class is Thaumiel. Thaumiels is SCPs that the foundation uses to contain other SCPs (I would that they can use to contain other SCPs, but they have plenty of useful SCPs marked as Keter instead of Thaumiel). The final SCP class is Neutralized. Neutralized SCPs are SCPs that were intentionally or accidentally destroyed/terminated or disabled. An example of a Neutralized SCP is SCP-1983. 1983 was a farmhouse that was abandoned after a few people were murdered there by a cult. 1982 was home to SCP-1982-2s which were highly aggressive to humans after getting trapped in there. A lone surviving MTF agent (think sort of a SWAT team) left a note saying he believed that if a place he called the nest was destroyed SCP-1982-2 would all die along with it but he said he wasn’t brave enough to do it. A D-class (Deathrow inmates used for experiments or more dangerous missions the foundation doesn’t want to use other personnel on) was sent in and found the note. It is presumed that he is also the one who destroyed the nest. There are 5 classes for SCP personnel, the lowest being D-class. I already talked about class D, class D are death row prisoners who are used for testing SCPs or any job they can’t get any other personnel to do because they are death row inmates. If they don’t follow instructions they can be threatened with termination, if they still don’t follow instructions they will be terminated. Step up from D class is E class personnel, these are field agents. Usually, they pose as first responders so they can call in any possible SCP activity. (I know it’s sort of confusing that E class is higher up than D class but that’s how it works). Next up are C class, these are mostly low ranking scientists and low ranking security. C class have direct access to SCPs that are not deemed hostile or dangerous. The second highest is B class, B class are those who are deemed vital to the foundation’s local operation and are only allowed access to SCPs that have been proven to be no threat to human life. The highest one can get in the foundation is A-class, A class is mostly just the 05 Council (the leading council of the SCP foundation, sort of like a board of directors but there are A-class personnel that aren’t 05 members. All 05 members have to be A-class though). Class personnel are not allowed direct access to any SCPs under any circumstances. This last part is going to be my personal opinion of the Foundation. It seems to me like the Foundation is; irresponsible, incompetent, or they don’t really believe in the protect part in their name. I came to this conclusion because of SCP-4051. SCP-4051 is a human male who has the ability to open wormholes to bring him an object that he is thinking about. He is also able to pull the exact opposite of anything through one of the wormholes, destroying them both. With any other SCP, this ability would be extremely dangerous, but SCP-4051 wants to make the world a better place and to help. He can kill/destroy all the “unkillable” or “undestroyable” SCPs that are aggressive, but the Foundation doesn’t ask him to do it, in fact, they keep him locked up like most other SCPs. Either the Foundation is incompetent to the point that they don’t realize how many lives they could save just by having him destroy SCP-096 (The Shyguy) or SCP-106 (The old man), they are so irresponsible they think that it would do more good keeping monsters like SCP-096 and SCP-106 alive than killing them, or they don’t truly believe in protect humanity to the fullest extent of their abilities (then again I could just be overthinking this or missed an actual reason why they don’t have him use his abilities to kill the aggressive SCPs). In later articles, I will go over specific SCPs and specific foundation members, this was just a quick overview of stuff that you need to know about to understand things when looking into specific SCPs. For a more detailed look at any SCPs I covered in this article or any SCPs I haven’t covered go to the SCP wiki.