Here’s why you should join art club!


Benjamin Ponce De Leon, Journalist

There is no shortage of clubs that exist at Arapahoe High School and without the clubs that students or teachers create, Arapahoe wouldn’t be complete. Clubs manage to bring people together for their common interests, especially my favorite: Art club! Art club is an extracurricular at Arapahoe that meets every Thursday, after school at 3:35 to 4:30. It is a student-formed club that is designed for those who enjoy practicing or creating art. It is a very collaborative and creative based environment that relies on having no sets of rules, allowing people who join to go as far as their  creativity lets them. Those who join art club are free to express themselves and their interests in a safe environment, free of any discrimination towards themselves or their art! There is a very high emphasis on creative liberty, being able to have no sorts of limits is what truly makes someone’s art their own, and Art club to many people is just that, a creative space for them to do what they enjoy. It is also a place to make new best friends, and being able to create relationships with those who share common interests. With a wide range of materials to use and a lot of friendly faces, art club is the perfect place for somebody to get themselves out of their comfort zone and try something new. Art club enthusiastically participates in designing and creating a float for the Homecoming Parade, as well as other activities and events that students themselves can plan. If you’re looking to see for yourself, I would personally recommend coming by after school, every Thursday from 3:35-4:30.