Shawarma is worth the hype!

Shawarma Food Review

Shawarma is worth the hype!

Duncan Evert & Cain Gostenik, Reporters

Cain Gostenik’s Review:


I ordered the Chicken Shawarma wrap with the student deal, and it comes with the wrap, or sandwich of your choice and a drink. I get chicken, potatoes, rice, Shawarma sauce, and lettuce. 


The cost of everything with the student deal is 6 dollars. It is a very good price for the amount of food. The proportions of food is a lot for what you pay. 


The overall taste of the food is amazing, the great flavor of the fried potatoes, The great white rice, and the Crispy grilled chicken. The freshly cut lettuce, and the amazing signature with the cheese makes a great combination of flavors for an amazing wrap, and a great lunch.


They have great service at the Shawarma, and they always treat you like family. They are very polite, and they are always very nice. 


I rate Shawarma Mediterranean grill a 10/10. They are a great choice for lunch. They are very quick on getting their food, and they will serve you amazing food. 9

Additional Information:

The hours are good hours for anyone who wants to eat there anytime around lunch or dinner. The hours are 10AM to 9Pm everyday, other than being closed on Sundays. They are in the more affordable price range, with every meal usually being around $9.

Duncan Evert’s Review

Order: I also ordered the chicken Shawarma and a drink.

Cost: The cost was 6 dollars with no extras other than a drink, which is very affordable considering the amount of food you receive in the meal. Compared to other restaurants, this one is definitely below average in cost.

Taste: The chicken tasted incredible, and definitely deserving of all the hype Shawarma receives. The meat was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The way the chicken was marinated complimented the taste very well. The garlic sauce had a lot of flavor and was an interesting taste combination that I had never seen before.

Service: The workers were kind and brought out the food in a reasonable amount of time. 

Rating 9/10: Everything was near perfection, and the food tasted really good. The only reason I don’t give it a 10 out of 10 is because a lot of the other menu options didn’t sound very good to me. But overall I highly recommend Shawarma.