Liam’s Media Journey of 2023


Have you ever had someone ask whether you have ever read this certain book that is very popular? Such as “To Kill a Mocking Bird” or “Tom Sawyer”. But for me, I want to say have you seen this movie, watched this show, or heard this album before? This year I am trying to focus some of my energy on this adventure. So far this year I have watched a couple of new movies to me and close to 90 albums from many different albums. Today I will talk about my top five favorite albums. Let’s get ready to rock and roll.

Listening to almost 100 different albums from start to end so I have made several opinions. With these thoughts, I have made a top 5 with these albums.

At number 5 we have “Graceland” by Paul Simon. This album had many collaborations to help break the cultural barrier between Africans and Americans. With this influence from Africans, there was just something different with how some of the songs but that isn’t all there were major aspects of jazz in songs such as “Call Me All” and “I Know What I Know”. As well these two songs are my favorite from the album because they had the jazz/big band parts but didn’t try to make it a big deal and were integrated into the song but never overpowered the lyrics.

With the number 4 spot, we have “Wet Leg” by Wet Leg. I got this album on around Christmas time on vinyl so I listened to it through Spotify. Some parts of the album are slow which isn’t bad but had some fast songs such as “Wet Dream” (which is my favorite from this). As well as grammy’s being present this album won one award and the band got another.

With number 3 we have “Meet The Moonlight” by Jack Johnson. I really love Jack Johnson with my favorite being his album “In Between Dreams” but when I listen to the album it was easy and I could really focus on it and didn’t have any songs I would skip.

In the second place, there is “Castello Music” by The Fratellis. It was very upbeat and I enjoyed all of the songs because they sounded similar but had their own individuality to them. My favorite song from the album is called “Chelsea Dager” because of the drums that are in the background that was the first song that I heard from them so there is some biased before listening to the album.

Number one is “Congo” by men at the work. I already liked men at work before listening to this album so I knew what their music was but this album was something else. Each song started off soft but then grew as it went on. One example is in the song “Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive” it started with quiet bells and then just had a full guitar playing which is the best part of the song with the lyrics being second. But my favorite is Overkill which had a message in the song which is relatable and I could listen to it forever.

These are some of my favorite albums so far but they will change during the coming months.