‘Everest’ Falls Short of the Summit


Image Credit: highlighthollywood.com

Rees LaBree and Jake Reed

“Everest” is a film directed by Baltasar Kormákur and is based off true events and the memoir “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer.


Jake: Before I state my qualms with the film and its historical accuracy, I must say the post-production crew went the extra mile. The mountain itself is staggering, and many sweeping shots show how the characters are truly at mercy to nature. Also, besides a cringingly obvious Starbucks product placement, the set pieces are thoughtful and contribute to the mood of the film. Some parts took my breath away, no pun intended, since most of the action is based around the lack of oxygen and desperate struggle for survival at 29,000 feet. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal makes a fairly satisfying performance as a competitive and determined climber. However, not every part is completely satisfying. The exposition leaves just a little too much dead space with hardly any characterization or establishing story arcs. The true protagonist doesn’t really emerge until about thirty minutes in, and the gaps are filled with some disconnected dialogue that we really don’t care about. Then again, I wasn’t expecting this film to move into any unexpected territory as far as narrative content goes. Despite some questionable story flow, historical accuracy was something that should not have been glazed over. Even Krakauer, author of the memoir “Into Thin Air” (and heavily advertised character in the film), slams “Everest” for its lack of regard for the real-life event and over dramatization. In the end, it’s pretty cool, but pretty forgettable.


RATING: 70/100


Rees: The film “Everest” creates the realistic sensation of being on mount Everest with the climbers through it’s advanced special effects. I was not impressed, however, with the quality of the plotline. Starting with the exposition, the audience sits through about an hour of indirect and unexciting story line building up to the actual event. Once the disaster has struck, the plot line picks up and hooks the audience into the next hour. Everyone is on the edge of their chair wondering who will live, who will die, and how. Then the film stops. The surviving climbers come home in the last five minutes and the film ends. It displays absolutely no falling action or resolution resulting in sheer disappointment. Also, the whole film focuses on the accounts of one main member, Beck, and the leader of the expedition, Rob. While they play an important role in telling the accounts of the story, it leaves some ends loose. It’s hard to say how so without revealing any crucial spoilers, but did leave myself, and the rest of the audience, wishing for more. Although there were many poor points in the film, I should admit that the special effects casting, and script were very good.


RATING: 61/100


Our Consensus: It’s exciting, but don’t enter with high expectations