A Quarter Down

A Quarter Down

Becca Garner, Spear Contributor

The end of a quarter is passed. For many, yesterday was just the first day of Senior year. As we are looking towards graduation, this is the time we look back at the good old days from elementary schools to now. For many, the naps in kindergarten still rank as the best things in school. For others, being in a school that you can be yourself is the best thing, or having that connection with an awesome teacher.

“My favorite grade would have to be Junior year. I would say Junior year because I made more friends and the teachers I had were really fun,” Senior, Ciera Rasmussen.

“I would say Junior year was my favorite year because it was the most exciting! Both academically and socially. I had a lot of opportunities and I was constantly busy with class and friends. Also I more mature than my freshman and sophomore  year,” Senior, Skyler Kopit.

“Senior year has been the best year because I’ve definitely grown closer with my classmates and friends. As we’re all about to start new chapters in our lives. I think it makes me appreciate the time we’ve spent together and Arapahoe even more than I did in the past,” Senior, Mollie Gardner.

“I would say Senior year has been my favorite year because more freedom and not so many classes,” Senior, Kailyn Robinette.

“I think over the past years, my favorite grade has been 12th. Through out all the other grades I was shaped and taught what and who I am today. I can reflect over myself and what I’ve been through. My Senior year also taught me a lot about what friends meant. Not everyone that you see five times a week is going to be your the minute after you walk across the graduation stage. My high school has always been something rather different but being put through what I was put through at Arapahoe High School gave me many life lessons,” Senior, Brittany Gonzales.

Many other Seniors would agree with these girls on how high school is filled with a lot of fun memories. Once in awhile, it is good to step back and think about the good old days and even just look back a few years ago.