The End is Here!

The End is Here!

Becca Garner, SPEAR Contributor

The last day of high school is among us. We have pushed ourselves to get to this point. Some have cried through the time but at the end we all are here.

High school isn’t the easiest time but it is really enjoyable if you take the time to go out to different school events and hang out with friends. From freshman homecoming to senior prom, a lot has changed. People change, Arapahoe has changed, and technology has changed for the better!

When you walked into your government class or econ class your first day of senior day and you were told you don’t have a final, we all were thinking why we didn’t have this since freshman year.

In the long run, the Class of 2016 will be graduating on May 19th! We have all been waiting for this moment since the first day of high school.  Tears, smiles, and happiness will come from seniors and parents will come.

We did it Class of 2016!!!!!!!!!