Fantasy Football Week in Review: Week 1

Rees LaBree, Spear Producer

The first week of the NFL has come and gone, leaving many Fantasy Football players saying, “How did that happen?”

To kick off the review of this week we will start with the fantastic and unpredicted performance of C.J. Anderson in his game against the Carolina Panthers. With two touchdowns, both a rushing and reception, 90 rushing yards and 40 receiving yards, he accumulated a total of 25 points: an astounding number among running backs this week. Last year C.J. had very few performances that could compare to his work this week in fantasy. His high scoring game has left fantasy players wondering if he can be expected to do this all season, or if last Thursday was just a fluke incident.

On a similar note, Devonta Freeman did not perform well at all. Accruing a measly 6 points this week, he seems to be the opposite of previously mentioned C.J. Anderson. Last year he had a couple early season games like C.J. accumulating many points and leading him to be an early draft pick this year for fantasy players. I hope to see that he will perform as well as last year, although the likely outcome is that he will perform about average throughout this season.

Andrew Luck had an all-star performance on Sunday, accruing more than 35 points over the course of 4 touchdowns and and 385 passing yards. This player sat on the bench for quite a few teams, alluding to his poor performance last year between injury and bad luck. Over the course of the whole season he only earned 130 points. If he keeps up this performance for the rest of the season, he could more than quadruple last years scoring.

Cam Newton served as a disappointment to many teams this year. Being a common 1-3 round pick and number one scoring quarterback last year, many expected him to outperform almost everybody and seed himself as a top 3 quarterback. While he did perform well with two touchdowns, he was outscored by 9 other quarterbacks, among whom were underperformers last season like Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger.
There were many notable plays this week and it is difficult to pick out only four that blew my mind. I’ll be back next week with another Week in Review, featuring the highlights from this weekend’s games.