T-Pru and Scotty Do’s College Football Playoff Rundown


Scott Mountz and Turner Pruitt

Regular season college football has now came to an end. The College Football Playoff is set in stone and there is nothing any fan, player, team, coach, or official can do about changing the top four teams. The last few weeks, the top 10 teams have given us quite the display of smash mouth football. More injuries have occurred, teams have fallen in rankings, and coaches have pulled out the craziest plays in their playbook to get the win. It’s been 9 days since rivalry day in college football and unfortunately for some teams, a loss during rivalry week shattered their playoff hopes.

Currently, the rankings in college football are the following:

1.) Alabama Crimson Tide

2.) Clemson Tigers

3.) Ohio State Buckeyes

4.) Washington Huskies



These rankings are very similar to what they were before, however, Clemson, who capped off the regular season with an ACC Championship win over Virginia Tech, moved ahead of OSU, who did not play in their conference championship game. With these four teams solidified in the CFP, bowl games for the remaining eligible teams are now being scheduled. Alabama has yet to be defeated, capping off their regular season with a perfect 13-0 record, including a 54-16 win over the Florida Gators, securing yet another SEC championship. Washington ender their season with a crushing win over a stealthy Colorado Buffaloes team in California on Saturday. The Buffs offense couldn’t tame the Huskies defense, especially with an early injury from Senior quarterback Sefo Liufau, Liufau was good for 3 interceptions as well. This leaves Ohio State, perhaps the most underrated team competing in the CFP. With a huge win over Michigan in double OT last Saturday, the Buckeyes secured their spot in the playoff. “The Game” between the two long time rivals determined who would stay in the playoff, unfortunately for Michigan and Heisman candidate Jabrill Peppers, their playoff hopes relied on their defense and a few controversial calls from referees. Michigan dropped to 5th in the rankings after this game, and dropped to 6th after Penn State’s win over Wisconsin for the Big Ten Championship on Saturday. Many watchers across the nation, especially Michigan fans like myself, are infuriated with Washington making it over the Wolverines. None could argue that Michigan defeated both Penn State (blowout) and Wisconsin this season, meanwhile Washington had the 15th toughest schedule in College Football…Yes, 15th. On top of that, Ohio State lost to Penn State, a team Michigan crushed. Michigan had the second toughest schedule and arguably played the toughest game of anyone this year playing in The Shoe in freezing temperatures with a record setting attendance,along with a do or die mind game being played in their heads. Although I am a Michigan fan, and it may seem a little biased, many would agree with me that Michigan deserves to be in the top four.

Now that my beloved Wolverines are out of the playoff picture, I don’t know what to do I will probably go live under a rock. Kidding. Here are my predictions for the remainder of the CFP and the big bowl games coming up.

Peach Bowl: December 31, (1) Alabama vs. (4) Washington- Alabama is going to scorch Washington, I’m estimating a blowout win by at least two touchdowns. Washington hasn’t faced a top 5 team all year and this is going to catch up to them when they play the best team in college football for the past 5 years.

Fiesta Bowl: December 31, (2) Ohio State vs. (3) Clemson- Ohio State is going to win this game, but not by much. The Buckeyes are going to have a rough time with Deshaun Watson and his scrambling skills. The Buckeyes were able to contain Wilton Speight (Michigan) pretty well because of their superb pass-defense, but will struggle to defend the dual threat of Watson. However, the Buckeyes offense will pick up the slack of the defense and will run and pass all over the Clemson defense. Look for a special teams TD from the Bucks as well, something they have displayed the past few weeks. Bucks move on to play Alabama in the national Championship.

Sugar Bowl: January 2, (7) Oklahoma vs. (14) Auburn- BOOMER! OU will come out firing and defeat Auburn. Senior quarterback Baker Mayfield is too much to handle and will throw for over 200 yards. Auburn has shown viewers a decent defense the past few weeks, but struggle with quarterbacks that can rush for yards. Jalen Hurts (Alabama) showed us these flaws during rivalry week.

Rose Bowl: January 2, (5) Penn St. vs (10) Colorado- I hate to say it, because I truly do believe in “The Rise”, but Penn State is going to come out on top. They have already beaten a great Ohio State team and coach James Franklin and the Nittany Lions are a little salty they aren’t being talked about for a possible spot in the CFP. However, the Buffs defense has been slept on all year and they are hungry for revenge after last weekend’s blowout loss to Washington.

Cotton Bowl: January 2, (15) Western Michigan vs. (8) Wisconsin- W. Michigan has really shocked the college football world this season with their scrappy play and undefeated record this year. However, their schedule is extremely weak and they will play a furious Wisconsin team. Some fans were skeptic about W. Michigan playing in such a well known bowl, but the Broncos are eager to prove why they are there. Without experience, I don’t think the Broncos have the skill to defeat the Big Ten West Champs. Wisconsin wins the Cotton Bowl.

Orange Bowl: December 30, (6) Michigan vs. (11) Florida State- GO BLUE! Michigan has shown all throughout the year how good they really are. With only two losses on the year, one being to Ohio State in Columbus, Michigan is a powerful team with a decent offense. Defense is going to be what wins this game and Michigan has one of the best defenses in the nation statistically. They hold teams to few points and are led by the best front four in the country, along with a spectacular secondary captained by Heisman hopeful Jabrill Peppers.

All said and done, I think Alabama are the national champs, yet again, defeating Ohio State.

Turner’s prediction: 

Alabama defeats Clemson in the national championship.