Diamonds in The Rough: Electa Sutton

From All State Choir to Arapahoe Singers, a voice unlike any other

Abigail Guadnola, Photo Editor

Arapahoe is filled to the brim with unique students. Our student body is comprised of musicians, writers, actors, athletes, scientists and the list goes on. One student that stands out, particularly in the area of music, is senior Electa Sutton. Sutton has been involved in the performing arts since middle school and has performed in multiple shows, sung in numerous choirs and is in a worship band at her church. As a freshman Sutton was a member of Women’s Choir and worked to advance to a higher level choir. Since her sophomore year she has been a part of Choralettes and as a senior is a part of the a cappella choir Arapahoe Singers.

“Music is something that’s really personal to me. But what I love about it is that it’s personal to everyone, everyone has something in music that makes it personal to them” Sutton said. “Music brings people together, like in choir we have anywhere from 16 to 70 people singing one song but it has different meanings to everyone singing and I think that’s so unique and special.”

Perhaps Sutton’s most notable accomplishment is her acceptance into Colorado All State Choir. Of Arapahoe’s five students to audition, Sutton was the only one to be accepted into the group. Across the state roughly 1200 students auditioned making Sutton’s placement all the more notable. “Getting into All State Choir was so exciting, I was literally jumping  around – which Ms. Parmenter can attest to,” Sutton said. “It’s definitely a challenge because the music is hard and I have to learn it on my own, which is totally different from choirs I’ve been in but it’s a challenge I think I’m ready for.”

In addition to her choral involvement, Sutton has taken on the role of Assistant to the Director – though has no involvement in casting decisions – in the spring musical “Parmageddon: The Musical” as well as balancing a role in the production.

“I’m super excited for ‘Parmageddon,” Sutton said. “This year in addition to performing on stage, I’m the Assistant to the Director so I get to experience a different side of the process of putting a show together.”

Sutton is one of the most talented students to walk the halls of Arapahoe. From her volunteer work to her spectacular voice and dedication, she is one of the many people who makes our school the unique environment it is. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of hearing her voice is sure to agree, Sutton deserves her spot in Colorado All State Choir as well as Arapahoe Singers and Choralettes.