5 Tips to Making a Killer Playlist


Aidan Price and Drew Carlson

Ever been handed the aux and you have no idea what to play? Here are some pro tips to make sure you get the good vibes flowing.

1) Keep the Vibe Consistent

Make sure the music flows with similar genres and close time periods. For example, if you play California Dreamin’  by The Mamas & Papas followed by Ain’t That a Kick in the Head by Dean Martin then decide to play Skrillex it will ruin the flow of the music. Instead, follow up that song with I Can’t Help Myself by The Temptations.


2) Have a Clever Name

Have clever playlist title. What sounds like a better name for a EDM playlist? Good Vibes Music or EDM. You may have a high caliber playlist, but without an awesome name, nobody will listen to it.

3) Keep it Fresh

New music is coming out daily. Make sure you keep your playlist up to date with all the latest hits. With older playlists, make sure you are adding similar music, not necessarily new, but at least of the same genre.

4) Have a Goldilocks Playlist

Nothing too short, but nothing too long, you want it just right.  Being too short means that your playlist doesn’t have enough content and the vibes won’t be flowing for as long. By having too long of a playlist you risk diluting the playlist’s consistency and vibe. Keeping the playlist ranging from 20-100 songs will allow the flow to continue without cutting it out too short.

5) Know your Audience

Keeping the best tip for last. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! What is the purpose of having a bumping playlist if you don’t play it for the right audience? It’s like playing the opera at a rave or blasting Diplo at an italian opera. Without the proper audience you won’t have the proper playlist.

We hope these tips feed your thought on how to create a quality playlist. Understand that music isn’t about what you hear, it’s about what you feel.

If you need a little guidance on how to make a stellar playlist, here are a few you can check out on Spotify:

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