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Broncos Country Lets Hide!

The Broncos are going into their 7th game of the season. They are 1-5 and are preparing for the Green Bay Packers at home. 

Russell Wilson is coming off his worst game with the Broncos. For only the third time in his career, he threw for under 100 yards. He had two interceptions on one touchdown and only had 13 completions on 22 attempts.

Following the loss, Broncos Head Coach, Sean Payton said he was “disappointed but not discouraged.” Personally, I don’t understand how he is not discouraged. The Broncos have lost 16 straight games to the Chiefs. They are at one of if not their lowest points since Super Bowl 50. They are 1-5 and play some of the best teams in the NFL in the next couple of weeks.

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If they do not beat the Packers next week then they should throw in the towel for this season. They should sell everyone before the trade deadline and should try to get as many draft picks as possible. 

The number 1 player that needs to go is Jerry Juedy. You can tell that he just doesn’t care about the team anymore and that he wants out. He’s getting into fights on social media with many smart football minds including Shannon Sharpe, one of the greatest tight ends of all time.

The only problem is that teams probably don’t want to trade for Juedy. He has not had much production and is clearly not a guy that is great for your locker room. I don’t think the Broncos would get what they want out of  trading him.

Also, I believe that players like Justin Simmons, Courtland Sutton, Garrett Bolles, and more need to be traded. These are players that I believe they could get good value out of. These players have been with the Broncos for many years and none have ever experienced a winning season. No matter how many plays they may make, they have a losing mentality. All they have done with the Broncos is lose. And that is what they will continue to do.

I love these players and I want to see them succeed but I don’t think they will succeed in Denver. I think the Broncos should get the most value out of them as they can before the deadline.

The defense has gone from being top 10, borderline top 5, to being one of the worst in the entire league. They are averaging the most points allowed per game. Mostly due to them allowing 70 points to the Dolphins and 35 to the Commanders.

Vance Joseph should be fired. I don’t understand why he wasn’t after they allowed the 3rd most points ever in NFL history. He is not a coordinator, he is a positions coach. He is a smart defensive minded guy but he should not be coaching a whole NFL defense.

I thought the team understood that after they fired him after only 2 seasons with the team. Apparently, nobody informed Sean Payton of that though.

I have no doubt in my mind that George Paton should be fired. He is just a terrible GM. I can’t think of one good move he has made since he has gotten the job. The Russell Wilson trade may go down as the worst trade in NFL history and then he goes and signs Russ to a huge contract extension before he has even taken a snap. If he does not make a move soon, I don’t see how the Walton-Penner family allows him to have a job.

The only light I see right now is a high draft pick. I understand that they will not get the first pick, Caleb Williams, but maybe they could slide into the top 3 and get Drake Maye. I am not suggesting that they tank but if they do lose to the Packers then I don’t see how they win another game this season.

My biggest worry at this moment is that they will do the same thing they have done the past couple of seasons and win a couple of games at the end of the season and then move way up in the draft.

As a die hard Broncos fan, It is hard for me to watch these games. They have continually lost after going into halftime with the lead. After every loss, I just feel worse and worse. I remember growing up in the Peyton Manning era and I just don’t understand how it got this bad. Hopefully they can figure out a way to recover but at this moment, it is not looking good.


UPDATE: The Denver Broncos have just broken their 16 game losing streak to the Chiefs! This is a huge home win for the Broncos that nobody was expecting them to get!

The Broncos won because of their defense on sunday. They forced the Chiefs to have 5 turnovers, a season high for them. Mahomes was constantly getting pressured and the defense was clutch in the red zone allowing no touchdowns. 

The offense was good, especially for how good of a defense the Chiefs have. However, the offensive line continued to struggle allowing 6 sacks. Russ only threw for 114 yards on 19 attempts but had 3 touchdown passes. Juedy and Sutton both had 2 receptions and a touchdown. Javonte also had a great game with 85 yards on 27 carries and a couple of receptions. One resulting in a touchdown.

I am super excited about this win and I think this could have been the thing the team needed to give them a boost for the second half of the season.

With that being said, I don’t take back much of anything I said above this. The trade deadline has just hit and no trades were made for the Broncos, even though I think there should have been. But 100%, George Paton should be fired. I also still believe that Vance Joseph should be fired after this season. He simplified the defense and it worked well against a strong Chiefs offense. However, he is not what this defense needs to succeed to their full potential. 

I really think this win will be huge for the team. They were supposed to have a hard schedule for the remainder of the season, but that is severely shifting. After the bye they play the Bills which would have been the toughest game remaining in their schedule but they have proven to be a super inconsistent team. If they can force turnovers it is a hard but winnable game.

Then they play the Vikings who just lost Kirk Cousins for the season and may not have Justin Jefferson back by that game. Another winnable game. Then they play the Browns, Texans, Chargers twice, Lions, Patriots, and Raiders. Again, all winnable games.

I truly do think that the Broncos could still sneak into the playoffs if they win the games they should and continue to play how they played against the Chiefs for the remainder of the season.

For the first time in what feels like forever, I am super excited to watch a primetime Denver Broncos game! Go Broncos


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