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Pre-season Practices
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With the end of winter nearing, new sports have the opportunity to start playing. There are a variety of Spring sports that Arapahoe offers for both boys and girls. One of these sports is tennis.


Allison Jeffers, 11, has played tennis for the past five years and is continuing this streak this high school season. 


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When asked what she enjoyed most last season she said that she loved the team feeds and seeing her friends off the courts. Jeffers is hopeful to be less hard on herself this year. 


This year Jeffers has been very focused on having stronger cardio when she was preparing for this season. She ran often and did more tennis lessons to get better. 

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Another sport offered at Arapahoe is lacrosse for both boys and girls. 


Boys and girls lacrosse have extremely similar schedules this year with them starting and ending the regular season on the same date.  However, these two teams are very different along with the rules for the respective games. 


Harry Senier, 9, is hopeful to be on the boys team this year. In order to prepare for the team he played a lot of lacrosse. On the team he hopes to make new friends.  

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Julianne Dail, 9, is trying to be on the girls team this year. Dail has played lacrosse for the past six years. The thing she looks forward to the most this season is playing on the team with her sister. 

Finally, the sport of baseball is also coming back into season. 


Sawyer Gostenik, 9, has played baseball since he was two years old. His pre – season for baseball consisted of many things. One thing his pre – season consisted of was playing for his club team of the Slammers.


Gostenik is looking forward to playing with new teammates this year. He is so excited for the season to start. 

Arapahoe gives everyone the opportunity to participate in so many different sports and teams throughout the year. Tennis, lacrosse, and baseball are only three of so many options. With their time finally coming to play, these spring sports are filled with eagerness for the new season. With more updates and details coming with their season, make sure to stay up to date with information on their websites or social media pages!


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