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Shine a Light on Winter!


Whether you like the sun or the snow, the beach or the mountains, flip-flops or snow boots, real tan or fake tan… one thing that can be agreed upon is that the holidays, and the activities leading up to them, are one of the best parts about the winter season. However, through an anonymous survey we conducted, we learned that nearly 80% of Arapahoe students tend to feel “seasonal depression” in the winter. 

What is seasonal depression?

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as seasonal depression, is a kind of depression that occurs normally in the fall or winter seasons. While there is no clear cause of this disorder, many believe the decrease in sunlight and shorter days can be linked to a chemical change in the brain, causing the disorder. 

While having diagnosed seasonal affective disorder is obviously more severe, it is not uncommon for the average person to feel a general decline in their overall mood throughout these colder months. 

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Warrior Outlook 

From a random survey we conducted, the results concluded that 80% of student’s favorite season was summer, 10% chose fall and 10% chose winter. When asked to explain her choice, Addison Adams, 9, said “As a skier, I do like winter. However, I feel like winter is only manageable due to the anticipation that the holidays bring. Once the holidays pass, there’s nothing to look forward to until the temperature starts to rise.”

After winter break, most people prefer to still be on break, thus making getting back into the swing of things much more difficult. Over break, routines can change and sleep schedules can shift. Long breaks usually have a period afterward where you can ease back into things but after winter break, there isn’t really a period of adjustment, making it harder for people to manage their time and comfort.

Moving Forward Into Second Semester

However, it’s not uncommon for people to feel like this and it will eventually pass. In the meantime, focus on yourself and prioritize happiness while making sure you stay on top of things as best as you can.

If you ever feel like the colder months seem more despairing and find it hard to keep a positive outlook, remember to give yourself some grace and know that you’ve got this.

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About the Contributors
Riley Kelley
Riley Kelley, Reporter
Riley is a freshman this year and is looking forward to being a part of Warrior Media. In her free time, she loves hanging out with friends, doing gymnastics, and spending as much time outside as possible. She has been a competitive gymnast for 5+ years and team captain for the second year in a row. She's excited to begin a new part of her life here at Arapahoe and is hopeful for new experiences thanks to Warrior Media.
Lindsey Gruidel
Lindsey Gruidel, Reporter
Lindsey is a freshman at Arapahoe this year and is very excited to be apart of Warrior Media! She loves reading and writing and is very interested in photography. She loves to dance, ski, listen to music, travel and hang out with her friends and family.
Kyndall Decosta
Kyndall Decosta, Reporter
Kyndall is a freshman and she is a very creative person,
she loves hanging out with friends and spending time with her family. 
She is a big runner and loves to do cross country and track,
Compeating is one of the favorite hobbies she has.
in all she loves God and he is what gets her out of bed every morning, 
Overall shes a very happy bright person and loves to create sunshine
on the rainiest of days.

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